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486 Bondpocalypse (2013-02-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “Where’s my book?”
0:00:31Grammys “Illuminati sacrifices” tonight, Michael Moore banned; ACC’s glasses woes; Malcolm X grandson arrested en route to Tehran Hollywoodism conference, World Trade Center janitor William Rodriguez in attendance; Pilots for 9/11 Truth’s Philip Marshall kills self, his kids, and the dog, JCD: “that’s what’s gonna happen to you, by the way”, “I can do clip shows for at least a year”; Chris Hedges’ NDAA injunction, “the primary purpose of MSNBC was to reelect Barack Obama”, NDAA case “last thin line of defense between between what’s left of our anemic democracy and our transformation into a military state”
0:22:20MSNBC’s Krystal Ball: drones “useful and effective tool of war if there’s a bad guy”, “I’m OK with drones in general”, JCD: “what kind of a fucking name is Krystal Ball?”; McLaughlin Group’s Eleanor Clift: “in many ways they are a blessing”; Ball on Bush vs Obama drone policy: “how do you feel about the Larry Flynt panel on women and body image?” (CotD); Hedges on droning journalists under Section 1021: “I could have been incinerated”
0:38:27Thirteen-year-old student’s Facebook kill list; JCD on high school gun clubs
0:40:53ACC’s Valentine’s gift from Ms. Micky
0:43:03Christy Romero banker prosecutions; ACC recommends House of Cards; JCD: “no, we don’t go skeet shooting, Biff”
0:56:52Producer Segment:
1:04:56ACC: has Dutch “pee in the shower” politician erased taboo? JCD: “now I put a target up”
1:07:15Christopher Dorner manhunt, second part of manifesto obviously fake, “an assault weapons ban needs to be re-instituted”, “I love your new bangs, Mrs. Obama”, ACC: “this is how the civil war starts”; Mayor: “I give no credence whatsoever to anything this man says”, bogus re-opening of termination case
1:25:01ACC’s dinner guest Mick Schultz’s documentary DMT the Spirit Molecule
1:34:10UBS warns of “bondpocalypse” with “aggressive” investor reclassification; Max Keiser adopting Jim Cramer’s yelling style; JCD book kickstarter; Bill Gates worried about trade and currency wars, British devaluation
1:51:13JCD on 2017 collapse based on 1850-1860’s $30tn in gold, shale gas a gold equivalent
1:55:15Donation Segment
2:14:06Dempsey to McCain on Benghazi support request and multiple “threat streams”; no communication with Clinton or Obama; “common sense” meme; False Memories of Fabricated Political Events study
2:25:37Sandy Hook kid on Doctor Oz Show: “I remember when we were having a drill”
2:28:13Getting through TSA checkpoints with a student ID or Costco card
2:32:14Steny Hoyer on 22nd Amendment repeal; JCD Red Book: Bill Clinton dies for Hillary run
2:36:11CNN anchor Deb Feyerick asks Bill Nye if asteroid near-miss is linked to global warming, “this one will miss us by about 15 minutes”, TWiT silver coin bet
2:41:27Paul Bremmer shoed in Great Britain, “fuck you and fuck your democracy”, Ahmadinejad shoe attempt in Egypt
2:44:27Six-Week Cycle: Matthew Aaron Llaneza attempted Bank of America bombing; next event around Show 500
2:48:14Knight pin designs; ACC on e-mail bounceback diagnostics