Call Clooney!

485 Goys with Guns (2013-02-07)

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0:00:00ACC: “There’s doping going on in the sport of curling.” JCD: “What??” (1:46:36)
0:00:40Valentine’s weddings and Christmas birthdays; ACC’s upcoming 50th birthday; Ms. Micky’s green card medical tests
0:05:10Holder struggles to answer questions about “white paper” on droning Americans; Brian Williams: “some people regard death by drone as a necessary evil”; Obama: “I know that you’re gonna have a whole bunch of other questions, and that’s why I hired this guy Jay Carney”, Carney: “first and foremost that’s his responsibility to protect the United States, and American citizens” vs oath of office; twelve Constitutional presidential powers enumerated; Carney: “war against al-Qaeda as authorized by Congress”, “these strikes are legal, they are ethical, and they are wise”; International Humanitarian Law; “operational leader continually planning attacks against US persona or interests”
0:23:00TourĂ© clueless about droning of al-Awlaki’s son; Carney: “it was provid… it was an unclassified document”; NIAC Non-International Armed Conflict and “enemy forces”, 23 of Americans think drones are cool; ACC predicts cyber-9/11; investigation into Israeli bus bombing in Bulgaria: Hezbollah did it
0:36:06Prohibiting Israeli dual nationals in Congress; Jews for and against guns; Brother Nathanael: “truth is, Jews have always felt an abiding hostility toward the goys with their guns
0:42:26Producer Segment: Ms. Micky’s Vlieger & Vandam embossed gun bag; fake Amtrak clip
1:04:41Brief disappearance from iTunes due to Mevio show hiding; Newsletter; Shadow Stats and the 7% lie starting in 1984, Carlyle Group Sunoco refinery investment for low election gas prices; possibility of bond market collapse; CFPB’s Richard Cordray on backing national debt with Americans’ investments
1:28:25ACC’s Super Bowl prediction, 33-minute power outage; Europol investigating rigged soccer games; Cain and Abel coach feud, look for mysterious murder; Lance Armstrong, taxpayer-funded USADA NGO, Travis T. “Travesty” Tygart, GSK’s Richard Clark on board
1:48:50Donation Segment
2:23:22ACC’s letter from the IRS, NSA “60 years of excellence” challenge coin, “defending our nation, securing our future”, silver “keep calm and slave on” coin, Velbexx-17 balm; new Post Office perfume restriction; movers not allowed to move plants or alcohol; No Agenda moonshine
2:30:25Kid kicked out of school for miming a grenade throw: “I can’t believe I got dispended”; Piers Moron on “appealing” the Second Amendment; Sharpton: “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”
2:36:16Sandy Hook kids at Super Bowl, to sing Call Me Maybe at Ryan Seacrest pre-Grammy event
2:40:00Sharia patrols in Europe, “this is a Muslim area”
2:43:28$5bn S&P ratings incompetence lawsuit; Matt Taibbi on HSBC settlement: “serial offender on the money laundering score”, “they laundered money for terrorist-connected banks”
2:49:45David Cameron apologizes for appalling Mid Staffordshire NHS report
2:51:52Guess the Movie: 2012, “the Mayans saw this coming thousands of years ago”
2:55:02Janet Napolitano’s possible 2016 run, “vote Lucy”
2:56:26California gun liability insurance bill, “uninsured shooter”
2:57:39Don Lemon flabbergasted by study showing men get less intimacy from doing domestic chores
3:03:13Nigel Farage to Hollande on intervention in Mali; countdown to 2017 war
3:08:34ACC’s proposed Dutch bikes in Austin venture