Call Clooney!

484 Crazed Guzman (2013-02-03)

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0:00:00ACC: “Are you on the browser?” JCD: “On the browser, check!” (laughter) (2:51:42)
0:00:35Super Bowl predictions, ACC ditching game to help Uncle Don with hacked e-mail
0:05:05American Heart Month, National {African-American History, Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention} Month
0:06:48ACC now has a house; hospice charity “come to cheeses”-themed dinner, JCD: “you probably won’t be able to poop for a month”; Austin Moonlight Towers, Servant Girl Annihilator serial killer; “I’m a bum”; widow’s walk in bat flight path
0:19:39“Sophisticated hacking attacks” on Twitter and newspapers, “you can’t be a good cyber person unless you’ve actually fought in cyberspace either in a simulator or in the real world”; 4k new Cyber Command jobs, USC cyber security degrees; Ruby flaws; ACC’s Twitter message
0:30:04Drunk-sounding Chuck Hagel: “I’m not going to give you a yes or no answer”; To the Contrary Hillary interview: “you have changed the world for women and girls”, “women and girls” meme, first salvo in presidential run, “the most respected woman in America”; 60 Minutes Obama-Hillary love-fest, JCD on keeping in the public eye until 2016 elections
0:42:51Producer Segment: Kai Ryssdal Wikimedia director Sue Gardner interview “right?” fest
1:09:04Hillary at Council on Foreign Relations: “the old postwar architecture is crumbling under the weight of new threats”, “a just rules-based international order”, new architecture “more Frank Gehry than formal Greek”, Red Book: Gehry Clinton house
1:18:10ACC finds and reads “salted password” e-mail from Twitter, “dear user”
1:19:19Producer note with all 13 cities with military drills; health care “provider” downgrades, IRS “shared responsibility payment” rules for Obamacare in Federal Register, “exempt individuals”, $20k for family of five in 2016; HMO “grand scheme” and drug prices: Provigil generic more expensive; alternatives to HMO scheme
1:36:02Reuters gun insurance scheme, “mandatory million-dollar coverage”, “insurers will have to start to discriminate”, “if you start putting too great a burden on a fundamental right then you raise a Constitutional issue”; Erin Burnett: “there’s the saying that guns don’t kill people, video games do”, Harvard professor raises “violence in our media”, steamrolled by Erin, “provocative answers”; Huckabee: “Homeland Security wants you to fight off a crazed Guzman”
1:46:22TSA “Blogger Bob” Super Bowl travel tips, VIPR heads-up; Amtrak “passengers are required to have valid identification at all times”, ACC: “shut the fuck up, slave!” (ACCPPotD)
1:53:08North Texas teacher six-year-old hit and run case spun my media as murder
1:57:32Donation Segment: Amtrak “you will obey” mash-up
2:34:40Al Gore on Qatari government Al Jazeera subsidies, climate reporting “higher-quality and far more extensive than any of the US networks”, An Inconvenient Truth a money grab for exchange, Rose: what about “nuclear energy such as cold fusion”; Andrea Mitchell: “floods, fires, historic drought, some of the dire consequences Al Gore warns about if we don’t act on climate change; do we still have time?”
2:44:39Red Book Dreamliner prediction comes true: Boeing engineers blame subcontractors for poor quality materials, “cheap, plastic, and prone to failure”
2:45:58JCD’s great lead-in “if you’re one of over 50 million adults who suffer from a sore mouth…”
2:46:38Hollande does a Timbuktu victory lap after “no shots fired” victory
2:50:28White House renovations necessitate second Oval Office for second Obama
2:51:28Obama shotgun photo deconstructed, ACC: “he’s using pussy-ass ammo!”; Leo at Super Bowl