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483 Culture Creationism (2013-01-31)

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0:00:00JCD: “Deer antler spray.” (3:04:42)
0:00:32Miami-style military exercises also taking place in Houston and Los Angeles
0:03:33ACC Lincoln SAG “cut disc” screener, “culture creationism” à la Zero Dark Thirty, Thirteenth Amendment central to story, JCD recommends Kenneth Stampp’s writings, ACC on Lincoln’s repatriation plan and educated slaves as “the al-Qaeda of the day”, Lincoln’s “surprising” party affiliation, revisionism focusing only on slavery issue; actor overview, ACC: “any minute Shatner’s gonna pop up in this movie”; anachronistic errors; ACC: “culture creationism”, recommends Silver Lining Playbook, Argo and Benghazi, good vs crappy movie theaters
0:27:37Six-Week Cycle: fishy Gabby Giffords speech coinciding with Phoenix shooting, “speaking is difficult, but I need to say something im-portant”, “it will be hard, but the time is now” mirroring White House document, JCD: “if they would just fix the drug war … get rid of it, this would all end”; bill to revive 2004 mental health act, “collaboration” with “mental health courts”, latest DSM; NPR on liability insurance for gun owners, “it would help keep guns out of the hands of people we don’t want to have them”
0:43:00Producer Segment
0:53:41Thiessen, Hayden, Rodriguez, and Rizzo on AEI Zero Dark Thirty panel, Rodriguez: “chilling effect” on CIA; Abu Zubaydah to CIA: “waterboard everybody”, Hayden: “we didn’t ask them questions”, ACC: “you waterboard them, and then you serve them lunch”
1:09:39Al-Qaeda is dead meme; “you can’t collect human intelligence from a dead guy”; Thiessen: “the only people we still waterboard are Americans in uniform” (CotD); China’s al-Qaeda immunity; KSM girl band babes
1:24:51Date set for abdication of Queen Beatrix after 33-year reign, “Prince Pils”
1:27:46Wonder Woman vs the Nazis clip; Forbidden Chinese News show
1:29:30Christie Hefner: climate change increases gun violence; Time’s Jeffrey Kluger: “I think of the folks who are the climate deniers as the flat Earthers and the people who say the Moon landings never happened”, “excluding yourself from the big people’s table”; moon landing video, ACC avoiding television at breakfast; CNN shakeup
1:40:33Ms. Micky’s BCBS nightmare under Obamacare; Obama Las Vegas speech on immigration: “we need to implement a national system that allows businesses to quickly and accurately verify someone’s employment status”, yet another database
1:44:07Obama on $155M in aid for Syria: Assad murdering people “in their homes, in bread lines, and at universities”, ACC: “do we send one of those giant checks, like the lottery?”, “immunizations for one million children”, “allies and partners”, Obama’s “H” problems
1:50:25Producer Segment: 33 $69.69 donations; the bakelite Trabant
2:50:44Second Half of Show: ACC Red Book, deported Latino women & children killed by drug gang
2:53:39Somewhere Over the Rainbow performed by children of Sandy Hook, MKULTRA, Judy Garland’s record company Sandy Hook Records
2:55:22Niger to allow American drones for Operation Sabre, “freedom fries” forgotten, Timbuktu “liberated”, saxophone and five bullets, Malian solders making gun sound effects; Pentagon cyber command money, auditing the Pentagon, Rumsfeld on 9/10
3:03:42Deer-antler spray, JCD: “can’t it be a lozenge?”
3:10:10End of show clip by Constitutional scholar Louis Michael Seidman
3:12:11Burma import prohibitions waived