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480 War on Brains (2013-01-20)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s an interesting A-B-C-D-E-E-D-C-B-A.” (1:52:12)
0:00:38Inauguration day, “two double swearing-in ceremonies”, Blue Room “throne”, JCD: “everybody’s eyes turn red in there”
0:05:05ACC’s back thrown out, 2002 motorcycle accident, P&M myofascial release therapist’s gun safety lesson, history of blood types, blood type and diet, JCD: “this is bullcrap!”; ACC house hunting, “run-down mansion”, JCD: “when I travel I always bring my own caulk”, SxSW tipi rental; Ms. Micky’s cover art Facebook like-off,, Facebook “like” gripes
0:31:55Producer Segment: Al Roker White House pants-pooping
0:43:43Mali “third largest producer of gold”, uranium deposits, refugee rapers; Group for Preaching and Combat’s Mokhtar Belmokhtar “ruthless rogue al-Qaeda leader”, “Mr. Marlboro”
0:59:45ACC’s QRP HF transceiver project, Mexican cartel radio stations, ACC: “we’ll make a bakelite version for you”
1:04:02TSA backscatter contract terminated, kiddie porn issue, Rapiscan’s falsified test results, “it doesn’t matter to me if somebody can see my body for a split minute or something”, ACC: “take your dress off, bitch!” (CotD), “automated target recognition”; VIPR teams at Emeryville Amtrak station, “can’t hurt”, Obama “no takin’ off your shoes”, pistol-carrying agents; Zero Dark Thirty “Usama” usage
1:18:55Alaska 819 Kona-to-Seattle hijack scare, “it was a call that triggered a national security response”, NORAD “Operation Noble Eagle”, hoax “just not something that we can stand for”, ACC’s mother’s “bristle side down”
1:25:43“War on brains”, Farmer Chris: PBA and Sandy Hook parents; Children’s National Medical Center doctor all-in on school mental health services, Mental Health in Schools Act of 2011, “catch them young and intervene early on”; asylums started emptying in 1960s, not Reagan’s fault, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; patient privacy vs “keeping our folks safe”; memorandum on NICS access to mental health adjudication information
1:47:46Donation Segment: JCD’s multi-year Surfer Bird edit; Hillary’s odd glasses
2:13:31Bollywood film festival red carpet report
2:15:25Podcast patent from last show’s postmortem, Personal Audio lawsuit, “patent troll” meme, ACC: “I’m sorry,, which is 50% of the people being sued, is not a podcaster!”, “if they really were gonna go after money, they would go to NPR”; JCD’s $350/hour expert witness gigs, “details not disclosed” license agreement
2:27:57Connecticut Governor Malloy right after Sandy Hook: “Lieutenant Governor and I have been spoken to in an attempt that we might be prepared for something like this playing itself out in our State”
2:30:01Attempted assassination of Bulgarian party leader Ahmed Dogan,, “Bulgaria pulls out of controversial pipeline project” headline, Burgas-Alexandroupoli pipeline, ACC: “I have a feeling it was just a little message”; Baku right in the middle, Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline
2:33:18Airbus A350 more fuel efficient than 787, ACC: “Boeing didn’t blow someone properly”, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood on grounding duration: “the flying public expects us to get it right”, ACC: “what a crook!”
2:39:12“No immediate de-escalation of tension” in Kashmir; ACC on Led Zeppelin 2 cover band
2:44:34JCD introduces end-of-show clip of Ben Bernanke discussing Federal Reserve audit