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47 Kill Bill (2008-09-13)

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0:00:28100k listeners milestone passed, uptick in ACC hate mail over vaccines
0:02:32Flooding in UK, weather cleared up by Large Hadron Collider, wheat crop hit hard; oil down and gasoline up, high wages for oil rig workers and military contractors; XL Leisure bankruptcy strands 85k British tourists, Barclays “no more money”, steep CO2 taxes, “eat less meat” vegan meme, ACC: speech tax
0:11:08OMB’s Jim Nussle reverses position on having Fannie & Freddy on the books; Paulson: no Lehman Brothers bailout, author grilled on CNBC over Lehman unanswered questions; ACC on IMF & World Bank oil price manipulation to bankrupt Middle East and reduce population
0:16:31ACC drinking prepper freeze dried coffee
0:17:31Chunnel fire, no mention of terrorism, JCD on phenol’s distinctive odor, reports of explosions
0:22:18UK fails to convict ringleader of liquid airline bomb plot, Virgin Atlantic calls for end to liquids rule, court to retry, JCD on double jeopardy workarounds, people packing giant bottles of shampoo, ACC on Heathrow security theater with separate shoe X-ray, JCD suggests public shaming for Shoe Bomber, Saddam Hussein hanging and To Hell in a Handbasket reality show videos hounding celebrities but not politicians; Limbaugh vs Maher on Sarah Palin, Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” and misogynistic fish reference, mean-spirited base dragging Obama into the mud, celebrity culture; press irked at being surprised by Palin pick
0:48:40Swedish video of McCain saluting in Hanoi handover, Cindy McCain’s painkiller addiction
0:54:00Think New Ideas courted by Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns “fail early”, insurance derivatives on credit default swaps
0:58:09Ossetia-Georgia border removed from Google Maps; hyperinflation for paying debts cheaply, JCD’s high-denomination cruziero note, real estate investment payoff, China most at risk, Brazilian banks’ interest rate safe haven; Mugabe immune to Zimbabwe elections, JCD looking for banknote with Mugabe portrait
1:10:46ECB realizing euro must fall against dollar, JCD on vast US-UK wine price discrepancy
1:13:42Sotheby’s living artist Damien Hirst auction estimated at £65M; JCD on Persian rug advice: “whatever you paid for a rug, you paid too much”, ACC’s airplane-buying advice: “if it floats, flies, or fornicates, you should rent it”
1:18:41UK considering above-ground fiber, JCD comforted by connection visibility, ACC’s dreadful bandwidth, Vodafone dongle
1:22:56Drunk-looking Bill Clinton predicts Obama will win “handily”, sympathy vote “Kill Bill” theory, possibly still using cocaine; Salman Rushdie and Janeane Garofalo predict Obama landslide; mystery of who Ron Paul is endorsing; Ralph Nader the truther on Alex Jones
1:34:06American 77 flight recorder impossibilities, United 93 indestructible hijacker passport, Rumsfeld “shot down the plane over Pennsylvania” slip-up; slipshod TWA 800 investigation; ACC realization on the existence of evil; absurd NIST report on magnetic property changes to steel in Building Seven lowering melting point; Rosie O’Donnell’s blog on tower basement explosions; ACC recommends Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book The Grand Chessboard
1:49:23Ukrainian Antonovs unloading tanks in Afghanistan bound for Iran