Call Clooney!

479 Belieber (2013-01-17)

Show 479 album art
0:00:00JCD: “I do the best I can, on the water they give me.”
0:00:36Happy National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month; We the People petition requirements increased; ACC’s house hunt
0:04:00Helicopter piloted by Pete Barnes crashes near MI-6 headquarters, ACC not surprised
0:08:16NPR on Aaron Swartz suicide: “SOPA the Stop Online Privacy Act”
0:10:25Google’s Clarissa Striker asks to chat about Google+ community, JCD: “ooh, a checkmark!”
0:20:26“23 executive orders” meme, “embargoed” PDF on “executive actions”; Joe O’Biden: “it’s been 33 days” since Sandy Hook; memoranda on public health, firearm tracing, NICS sharing: “dangerous or untrustworthy people”, JCD: “usually dangerous people buy guns from each other … or from Eric Holder”; Bill Clinton: “who needs one of those things that carries a hundred bullets”; Iranian ammo in Africa; Curios and Relics “reform”, “appealing for use in crime”, active shooter training, CDC research on video games and “media images”
0:34:15Doctors encouraged to rat on gun-owning patients, DSM-5 coming out soon, mental health “national conversation”, insurance coverage; “this is not about X” meme; councilwoman Cindy Sheedy: “there’s been a lot of people who have been shot by an unloaded gun”; Pelosi “protect and defend”; Josh Horowitz: “great that we’re having this conversation”
0:51:24Producer Segment
0:58:19Judicial Watch sues for release of Osama bin Laden photos, “more important that we follow our laws … than to say that we’re not going to allow the American people to know what its government is doing because doing so might upset the terrorists; everything we do upsets the terrorists”, Brooke Baldwin blames “silly YouTube video” for Benghazi, “is it really about the law or do you not believe that he’s dead?”
1:07:40JCD on CNET Dish Hopper blunder; ACC: tech press not touching Java zero-day
1:14:43Hillary still laying low; Bill: “she has very low blood pressure, very low standing heart rate”, does not sweat
1:16:23New Lunesta ad with 50 seconds of side effects, ACC Red Book: firearms warning
1:19:22FAA to investigate Boeing 787, JAL and ANA ground entire fleet, evacuation filmed by “reporter who just happened to be on board”, JCD: “where’d he get the camera?”
1:30:58Journalism fail in Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend hoax; Robert Menendez aide arrest delay ordered by DHS
1:39:30Justin Bieber clone in Belgium, “he’s begging the Beliebers to believe him”
1:40:40Donation Segment: ACC tips on TSA free massage and shoe shine
2:23:36Germany to repatriate $36bn in gold, ACC: “that’s all the gold they have?”
2:25:21Al-Qaeda in Mali and Algeria; Total Oil exploration with Qatar, gas fields discovered, “we are assuming that the US will be asked to contribute significantly”; Obama’s letter to Speaker of the House: “limited technical support” of French operation to rescue citizen from al-Shabaab
2:32:58Eastern Great Britain under “blanket of snow”; Hannity “God forbid you put logic, common sense and reason, and real analysis behind it” clip
2:34:55Three Kurdish activists murdered in Paris
2:36:06Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood on Obama’s “strong commitment” to passenger rail, Obama “no takin’ off your shoes”; JCD on Warren Buffet and airlines building airports
2:39:33JCD introduces end-of-show clip on Joe Kennedy’s daughter’s lobotomy