Call Clooney!

477 Brolf (2013-01-10)

Show 477 album art
0:00:00JCD: “You put an old 78 on there and you crank it up and you listen to the Black Crows” (1:41:33)
0:00:35JCD’s new rainstick; Dutch politician Bert Wassink: pee in the shower to save the planet; Ms. Micky issued her papers; AT&T’s insane prices, Icom 7200 delivered via C-17; JCD “stand over here” skit; immigration’s chunk of law enforcement budget; Podcast Awards fail
0:19:17Alex Jones scripted duel with Piers Morgan, CNN: “he brought the crazy”; James Yeager: “load your damn mags”; sports writer: “we don’t need guns”, 33 murders in UK, “I’d love to see that” on Morgan shooting Jones; Morgan: “two years next week” tenure, contract time, White House petition, “there will be another mass shooting in America in the next few months and we all know this”; Alan Dershowitz comes to Morgan’s defense: Jones an “exhibit”, “lying about the FBI statistics”, “much more dangerous than nonsense”; Biden on upcoming executive action; Seattle gun buyback with Amazon gift cards
0:41:11Clip compilation: no one knew Adam Lanza, “fell off the face of the earth”; NBC: “four handguns recovered”, no AR-15; Jon Stewart ignores machinegun murders in Amsterdam; “lockdown, lockdown, lockdown” active shooter training industry
0:49:23Producer Segment
0:57:15New car for “88 down and 88 a month!”
0:58:49ACC’s military copy of Zero Dark Thirty, ABC on “growing backlash” before release over CIA and torture, Sony Pictures & CBS, Annapurna Pictures and Oracle, ABC Academy Award coverage; candy-coated waterboarding, ACC: “I’ve seen worse stuff in schoolyards”; Obama “America doesn’t torture” in background, “tradecraft”; 9/11 call and explosion montage, Abbottabad mispronunciation; nomination rundown, $ellebrity
1:14:06Brolf: “worst flu season in years”, “Mexican flu” in the Lowlands, Dvorak family vitamin D and mushroom juice regimen, CBC separates “fact from fiction” on flu prevention, “a flu shot definitely works”; Dr. Fauci on matching the vaccine to the strains, “good to be here, Brolf” (CotD); Facebook flu app, Help Remedies apparently a CIA outfit; pseudobulbar affect (PBA) “outbursts of laughing”, Nuedexta, JCD: “everybody should get this and go to a comedy club”
1:26:49JCD takes California Republican survey; Geithner out, Lew in; John “Mr. Drone” Brennan
1:32:30Health insurance “sticker shock”, “so-called Affordable Care Act”; #MintTheCoin
1:35:29Donation Segment: JCD’s Kyocera 620 receiver; Stuff Ain’t Right song
2:03:25Second Half of Show: fake 911 call; stomach pump for dieters; World Economic Forum Global Risk 2013 report “emerging game changers”: “runaway climate change”, “neural enhancement of combat troops”, rogue geoengineering, cost of longevity, proof of alien life; Diane Sawyer: 2012 hottest “by a landslide”, “apocalyptic” fires; Climategate “load of garbage”
2:19:13Hilarious Amazon reviews for toy drone at
2:23:09New meme: CDC binge drinking warning, “four drinks on one occasion”, ACC: war on women; Erin Burnett on white men in Cabinet; Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s strange noise at question, “I think women should stop whining”; Norway’s inclusiveness by law
2:38:10ABC on Disney World slave bracelets: “a little big brother-ish, but we always love Disney”; student loses Texas RFID tag lawsuit
2:42:02Expect more troop movement to Mali, Badakhshan
2:44:30“Massive onslaught” of bank cyberattacks, “recorded cyberattack history”, Iran blamed, “entire data centers”, Business Roundtable pushes public-private partnerships; Boeing 787