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475 Tsunami Bomb (2013-01-03)

Show 475 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Yeah, you just get it out of the air, the energy’s around you, man, it’s around you!” (2:20:35)
0:00:36National Stalking Awareness Month; no food vendors or public toilets for Times Square, ACC: “poop on the floor, slave!”; Dutch Nationale Postcode Loterij, ACC: “it’s the most unbelievable peer pressure Gitmo Nation thing I’ve ever seen”; JCD’s adventures with the German Slingbox
0:14:17Red Book prediction wrap-up; oversimplified CBS Benghazi retrospective, Steve Israel: conspiracy theorists “same people who said that the Moon landing was staged in a Hollywood set”; facelift “smoking gun”: Harkness Eye Institute, huge sunglasses, no wheelchair
0:23:32Producer Segment (part 1)
0:26:31ACC watching fiscal cliff C-SPAN stream at 3am, “fudged deal”; Obama campaign “making sure this country remains a place where you can make it if you try”, “we can’t not pay bills that we’ve already incurred”; CBS on special interest tax breaks, Indian employment tax credit, asparagus deal, IRS prison disclosure provision, film and TV breaks, “clinical data registries”
0:45:24Al Jazeera buys Current TV, Joel Hyatt “Al and I”, Qatar “closest ally in the Gulf region”
0:54:50Producer Segment (part 2); low-power FM
1:09:48Bill to provide AEDs — Automated Emergency Defibrillators — for schools by Laura Richardson, shill for medical device industry, international defibrillator icon; study shows benefit of carrying a few extra pounds; ACC Red Book: emergency diaper dispensers
1:19:45Argentina demands Falkland Islands; Princess Máxima’s father Jorge Zorreguieta accused of disappearing thousands of people
1:22:58“Superstorm Sandy” designation for benefit of insurance companies; Chris Christie on House’s failure to pass “relief” bill
1:27:09Children’s TV show Liberty’s Kids: “give us Black Dick and we fear nothing!” (CotD)
1:28:33“Bogative PR”: Aurora theater invites victims’ families to grand reopening; sleeping drug Intermezzo side effects, “swelling of your tongue or throat … may be fatal”, “risk of suicide”
1:33:10Ground broken on Digicel-Mariott $45M hotel in Port-au-Prince; Clinton-Bush Haiti fund closing down having spent $54.4M, JCD: “they love stealing money!”
1:39:59Drone strike on Pakistani “militant” Maulvi Nazir, “the Americans will be very pleased indeed that he is now gone”, Waziristan pipeline; Oblivion trailer “drone repair”; Sky News ridicules “cracking” US laws, ignores NDAA 2013; judge dismisses ACLU droning Americans FOIA lawsuit: “I find myself stuck in a paradoxical situation”
1:51:14UN: 60k dead in Syria, JCD: “we coulda jacked that number way up!”
1:52:02Donation Segment: ACC “we are now alcoholics”
2:08:55Second Half of Show: Fukushima and 1940s US-New Zealand “tsunami bomb” tests
2:15:33Annoying “eco-mode” in Dutch cars, JCD test-drive rollback story; electric cars from early 20th century, battery technology, Stanley Steamer
2:23:33Sharpton to caller on gun laws: “then you deal with knives”; Port Arthur massacre Martin Bryant from Newtown; school overreactions; Sandy Hook inconsistencies; survivor’s family’s lawsuit against Connecticut, “shut up money”
2:31:59Iraq “blighted by sectarian rivalry”, Sunni protests; Green Day back on the road
2:34:25Bones “I ran the typeface through the Library of Congress database”
2:36:56ACC Red Book: Burma, Kachin independence conflict filmed by “aid agency”
2:38:56End-of-show clip on FISA Amendments Act