Call Clooney!

473 Mac and Cheese (2012-12-27)

Show 473 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Soaked nuts.” (2:20:33)
0:00:32JCD’s new bicycle horn and thunder tube; The Little Troll story, JCD: “does he finally get on Twitter?”; faked Queen’s speech leak; Randi Zuckerberg photo promotional stunt
0:11:42NORAD Santa tracking using same tools used to track North Korean missile (CotD)
0:18:21Barbara Walters Obama interview, JCD’s Michigan Slingboxes, “up at night” before bin Laden raid, “men with guns around at all times” for Malia, favorite Presidential perk: not taking off shoes, Walters: “let me tell you”; Michelle Obama: “everybody deserves their mac & cheese”, JCD “you slaves can get used to mac & cheese”; “lightning rod & grounding braid”
0:30:05Dull news week; chip & pin dominating Europe, “no cash” except in Germany; Dutch All You Need is Love show, This is Your Life
0:40:51Predict the Distraction of the Week: ACC predicts Bush 41 kicks the bucket before Mandela, doctors “cautiously optimistic”; “dairy cliff” for milk prices; H&R Block AMT “taxmageddon”
0:53:09Producer Segment: ACC’s radio on the way, “I want one of those Mongolian hats”
1:06:35Harry Reid’s H.R.4310 “vitiate” definition; “let me be clear” and GuĂ©rin’s Fascism and Big Business, “homeland”, “folks”, “heil everybody!”; Obama: “like the majority of Americans I believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms” vs “shall not be infringed”; David Gregory’s 30-round magazine, “large-capacity ammunition device”; Dutch marines in Afghanistan
1:26:01US deport Piers Moron petition vs British keep him there petition, ACC: keep at him on Twitter, “douchebag-ometer”, Jack Hannah fools Morgan with armadillo batteries
1:31:45Breaking News: EPA’s Lisa Jackson stepping down
1:33:01Typewritten note from arsonist William Spengler, “I think it’s an assault rifle”, Bushmaster “the same model used in the Newtown Connecticut school shooting”, shooters always committing suicide; new AR-15 military specification, sales pitch
1:40:56Donation Segment
1:56:29“What’s the business model” question; Singaporean oil storage outfit Vopac, slowdown in China-bound oil, Red Book: drones in Indonesia, Iranian naphtha exports vs Executive Order
2:08:30ACC’s father’s “kidnapping” story from Benghazi stop on route from London to Uganda; Eric Boswell’s “resignation” actually reassignment; Red Book: Hillary in for plastic surgery; crappy Al Jazeera Syria “nerve gas” video, military police chief defects via YouTube
2:17:05Crappy voiceover in video parody
2:19:55Dr. Oz on best after-sex food: “soaked nuts”
2:22:51SpaceX reusable rocket; Dutch SXC CEO Michiel Mol on space tourism, ACC: “it’s a scaaam, for rich people”, “they hire ex-astronauts to do their pitch videos” (ACCPPotD)
2:29:52JCD recommends Visioneers as a spontaneous human combustion homage; Christmas Netflix and Amazon cloud failures
2:31:25ACC now investigating APRS, JCD: “let me go to one of the fine ham sites”; ACC on ease of obtaining ham license: “most A-holes won’t even go for the test”; JCD: self-proclaimed “geek girls” need ham licenses
2:38:15End of show clip: Dan Burton on what Congress and President can and cannot do, “I issued over twelve hundred subpoenas”, “there’s going to be criminal activity and abuse in any government”