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472 Coneheads in Mexico (2012-12-23)

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0:00:00JCD: (muffled)Sneller! Sneller!” (2:17:49)
0:00:38JCD in Washington being “attacked” by Fukushima dock; British “please don’t eat me”; gloomy Dutch exile day 17, DJ Glass House charity, “biological” supermarkets
0:10:45NDAA amendment protecting citizens dropped from combined bill; Harry Reid: “the Senate’s passage of H.R.4310 as amended be vitiated”; $421M Aegis weapon system upgrade for Japan
0:18:42Producer Segment
0:23:17Idiotic report calling to check in on people after “Mayan doomsday”; year-end statistics: “333rd consecutive month of hotter-than-average global temperatures”
0:26:01Kandahar massacre’s Robert Bales facing execution
0:28:14Obamas in Hawaii, Michelle: “there’s nothing quite like celebrating the Holidays at the White House”, “our theme for this year’s Holiday season was joy to all”; Tapper to Obama: “where have you been” on guns, Obama: “I don’t think I’ve been on vacation”; Obama working on “a proposal to … avoid tax cuts, or avoid tax hikes, on the middle class” (CotD)
0:32:43Congress hoping to fall off fiscal cliff; alternative minimum tax thresholds; Kucinich on Social Security: “no to a cat food Christmas”; WSJ’s Stephen Moore: “we re-elected 97% of these people”, term limits; banking shill Mario Monti passes austerity and retires, Berlusconi returns; Sheila Jackson Lee: Sandy Hook and Hurricane Sandy all about “Americans in need”
0:49:33Obama announces John “douchebag” Kerry to be Secretary of State, “having served with valor in Vietnam”, possible Senate replacement Ben Affleck; Jesse Jackson Jr.’s bipolar disorder, “easily reelected” by 71% in spite of investigation
0:57:40Sandy Hook: “We the People” petitions to deport Piers Moron ignored, gun control petition gets response, “we hear you”; celebrity NLP video, Hollywood vs video games; NRA speech edited to make LaPierre sound nuts; Obama on “gun safety”; Eugene Rosen not the SAG guy, Soto class accounting problem and “unbelievable story” of single survivor acting “as if she was already deceased”, pastor from Christian and Missionary Alliance church, manual’s sexual prohibitions, Lanza’s smashed computer, six Soto kids on guy’s lawn
1:27:53Press conference in the woods with Tourette’s medical examiner, on parents viewing photographs: “you can control the situation depending on your photographer, and I have very good photographers”, Lanzas examined last, “hope you have enough copies” quip; Eugene Rosen inconsistencies; car trunk top shot with cop unloading shotgun; medical examiner: “did everybody hear the question?”, University of Connecticut geneticist brought in; JCD on blackmail via National Security Letter; Obama lays out strategy of tension
1:48:53Donation Segment: ACC possibly on Dutch ice dancing show
2:20:12Seeking band for drone sign Knight’s benefit
2:20:49Nurse Jacintha Saldanha’s two previous suicide attempts before radio prank
2:21:27Prince “Big H” Harry’s first Taliban commander kill
2:24:14Assange fears extradition to US, no assurances from Sweden
2:27:21Barbara Walters gets douchebag callout for Lindsay Lohan interview “at some expense”
2:28:44“Coneheads” in Mexican graveyard; “three glowing objects” in Brooklyn
2:30:28Baby-snatching eagle video hoax deconstructed, WTC 7 won’t go away
2:33:20Three people arrested for insurance fraud in Indianapolis droning gas explosion, detonated by microwave oven Bourne Supremacy style, debunked by Mythbusters
2:37:55UBS fined $1.5bn over LIBOR rigging; Rosen interview end-of-show clip