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471 Spying is Sharing (2012-12-20)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s about sharing, Adam, it’s about sharing.” (2:11:29)
0:00:36Newsletter teased Christmas song with no NA memes; JCD’s dollar bin noisemakers
0:04:15Dutch spared Sandy Hook media blitz; crisis actor Robbie Parker; gun control montage, “weapon of mass destruction”, “the hunt for solutions”, Piers Moron: “they are machine guns”; hate mail for ACC; LIBOR testimony theory, Michael Harris: Palestine payback from “Jews in Hollywood”, “let’s connect the dots here”; Newtown Sheriff on social media: “prosecution will take place when people perpetrating this information are identified”, “the internet is on fire with Sandy Hook scams”; “unspeakable act” meme, “just a kid” from neighbor, mother “just like any other housewife”
0:28:49Voiceover artist to BBC Radio: “he only had to pull the trigger once”, Adam Curtis documentary on shift to man-on-the-street, “the idea of the right to bear arms is embedded in the English bill of rights”, “children in kindergarten should be carrying guns”, “baby Glocks”, computer games prototypes of “murder games”, “Americans are violent people”; Tipper Gore’s “violent lyrics”, comic books in the ‘50s; Rachel Maddow’s endless 3D printed gun intro
0:41:26Producer Segment: “Jeb C. Dvorak”; ACC: no HF rig for Mayan apocalypse
0:56:48Thom Hartmann calls for universal gun and gun owner licensing; Sharpton on photo of Obama holding dead principal’s granddaughter, “comforter-in-chief”; ACC on history with fake interviews, “I have not seen anything”, moon landing parallel, no eyewitness accounts; JCD: why did they think it was the older brother?; We Need to Talk About Kevin author Lionel Shriver to News Night: “if you don’t like your government, you … have the moral right to overthrow it”, “it’s amazing that every American doesn’t have a gun”
1:21:15Richard Engel recounts Syria kidnapping on Today Show; Sandy Hook Hollywood cancellations
1:28:11Resignations follow Accountability Review Board’s “scathing” Benghazi report; Kucinich: “end of story? no”; witnesses disappeared to Germany; Thomas Pickering to Matt Lee on dereliction of duty: “without accepting your characterization of the problem … there were performance inadequacies”
1:38:57Pedobear report: 30 employees at Fort Myer daycare with “questionable backgrounds”
1:39:45Donation Segment: JCD hearing “douchebag” jingles for everyday activities
2:00:38Right-wing talk radio guy on his high school rifle club, JCD: “no wonder the country’s filled with the noodle kid”, CVC’s lack of driver’s license, ACC: “it’s the Google noodle-mobile”
2:03:14Transat Holidays Haiti packages with “none of the earthquake carnage”; missing Red Book
2:05:18International Criminal Court’s second-ever verdict since 2002; missing Red Book found
2:07:42National Strategy for Information Sharing and Safeguarding, “as President, I have no greater responsibility than ensuring the safety and security of the United States and the American people”, “protecting private and personal information about United States persons and upholding our commitment to transparency”, “foreign partners”, meeting skit, JCD: “let’s use the word sharing instead of spying”, “information informs decisionmaking”
2:15:45National Geographic’s Drugs, Inc on new drug “anesthetic” in Puerto Rico
2:18:02Ten-year prison sentence for hacking Scarlett Johansson nudes; CVC’s butt in print magazine
2:21:27Leaked IPCC draft report and cosmic rays; “Indians can’t get enough bananas”
2:24:55Ninth polio vaccination worker dies after being shot; Bill Gates surprised over vaccine mind control theory; UN’s The use of the Internet for terrorist purposes section 201: HF SDR
2:30:44British judge orders brain surgery for seven-year-old boy, “radio therapy”