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46 Israel to Bomb Iran Nothing to See Here Folks Just Shooting Moose... (2008-09-06)

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0:00:31JCD obliged to turn off fans, “Atlantic storms” in UK, China & Myanmar earthquakes, Mimi’s USGS earthquake predictions, Patricia on Carmel CA, ACC: “it’s like Stepford Wives
0:04:57Financial Times real estate “gazumping” with last-minute higher offer, “gazundering” for last-minute discount; JCD on buyers disappearing in buyer’s market, “the bottom could be yesterday”, Fannie & Freddy bailout to be announced Monday, JCD: “the derivatives thing’s an issue”, gas prices falling, China considering printing money
0:13:35Republican National Convention, media dud Hurricane Gustav, UK food shortages, EU recession, ECB €400bn in bank loans, need for interest rate cut; Financial Times vs WSJ Christmas buying guides, Brookstone “outdoorsy Sharper Image”, Roomba floor washer
0:21:27New iPods and Large Hadron Collider switch-flip, black hole human rights lawsuits
0:22:49Sarkozy uses Georgia conflict to push Lisbon Treaty; Cheney in Georgia and Ukraine, pipeline bypassing Russia; Palin moose hunting distraction, strangely-named kids; mercenaries and Israeli jets in Georgia, Dutch secret service pulls agents from Iran, Tbilisi to Tehran 550 miles
0:32:24October 14 “event” all over YouTube, JCD “huh!” reaction to something actually happening
034:53JCD: “how many guys are in Dutch intelligence?”, ACC on Dutch/Belgian coal/bullet jokes, Palin’s Midwestern modesty, “Babe-raham Lincoln”, “Kaiser” Karl Rove McCain speech deconstruction; San Francisco health surcharges on food
0:41:16Seinfeld and Gates Windows Vista ad, Larry David “commercial about nothing”, JCD on MSFT: “I’d be heading for the exits”; TWiT getting internet bandwidth metering wrong, Comcast IPTV, ISP proxy servers
1:02:15Hillary Clinton 2008 & 2012 long shots, RNC distraction for Bush & Cheney
1:06:11Ray Nagin evacuates New Orleans for “storm of the century” Hurricane Gustav, Blackwater everywhere, ACC: “they were placing thermite”, Blackwater in medical marijuana raid, cocaine-filled CIA Gulfstream crash, Whitewater vs Blackwater; Democracy Now’s depressing Amy Goodman; Blackwater propaganda, Mercenery II game trailer, Green Zone catering; MPRI & American Systems training Georgian special forces; Dutch wacko Jaap de Hoop Scheffer running NATO, ACC predicts economic “splat” Monday, “amero” currency like in Brazil, JCD’s 100k cruzeiro note, Brazilian real pegged to dollar
1:20:38Clinton-era economic reset button; depression cultural upsides; Brazil’s resilient banking system; Andrew McCain’s recent resignation from Silver State Bank board for “personal reasons”, JCD proposes starting up a bank; Obama on O’Reilly Factor