Call Clooney!

468 Meat Hands (2012-12-09)

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0:00:00JCD: “If I was an onerous tyrannical government, I’d do it.” (1:00:21)
0:00:35ACC irked with his cantankerous “poop in my head” Amsterdam recording setup, JCD impressed with realistic imitation of loose connection, producers offering cars and spare bedrooms, Ms. Micky’s bladder infection and paparazzi adding insult to injury, streets and cafes filled with jobless zombies thanks to austerity; San Francisco bus discounts for the homeless; Dutch street organ playing Hava Nagila, coffee shops still able to sell weed to Americans
0:17:56Dutch interest-only mortgage tax deduction being eliminated on January 1; “Foxhole” Sean Hannity all-in on just jumping off the fiscal cliff; comedic genius Amy Goodman observes that 2012 United Nations Climate Change Conference logo is similar to that of Comedy Central
0:25:55PBS mocks Russia for backing “another loser” Syria and predicts “you start the retribution massacres” and air strikes to “destroy” chemical weapon stockpiles; Putin attends official opening South Stream gas pipeline; Serbian ambassador to NATO Branislav Milinkovic “jumps” to his death at Brussels airport; ACC: “we’re not gonna be home before the new year”
0:33:51New York Times: Obama administration blaming Qatar for providing weapons to Syrian rebels; USA Today pulls story about Putin disparaging Patriot missiles; Russia and China discussing Altai pipeline in East Asia; Lizzie “don’t eat me, Hillary Clinton!
0:45:16Producer Segment
0:53:27MSNBC cheerfully concludes “the books were cooked by Chicago politics” after post-election revision to jobless numbers as predicted by Jack Welch
0:56:01News commentator rants about black boxes in automobiles and Obamacare, JCD’s smog check “revenue generator” prediction revisited; Car Talk host Ray Magliozzi: “if you are guilty of something, it’s gonna hurt ya!”; Dutch EPD electronic patient dossier funneled straight into the insurance industry; “no cash” signs at Amsterdam “meat hands” market around the corner
1:05:31CNN: “immense and embarrassing security breach” involving five-year-old misplaced Secret Service computer tapes “might remind you of the new James Bond movie Skyfall”; JCD on Marfan syndrome scare perfectly timed for release of Lincoln film
1:10:08Idiot Sen. Jeff Bingaman attempts to lead Kevin Hassett into voicing support for US default
1:13:29ACC irked by knighthood promotion appropriated by 12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief for $147M Robin Hood Foundation run by bankers and elites, $500M to hire Stevie Wonder for 2010 Robin Hood Gala, “100% of every dollar donated goes directly to help those in need”
1:28:49Donation Segment
1:54:52White House to hold Sunday inauguration ceremony without the press, JCD: “maybe he does a pledge to the Devil”; C-SPAN video with world leaders including Ehud Barak lauding Hillary Clinton: “we launch an investigation through our intelligence community, they found that surely there are two Hillaries”; suicide of nurse Jacintha Saldanha after falling for prank phone callers impersonating Queen Elizabeth II, JCD “reptilian babies” theory
2:00:05Plea from Colorado lawmakers for Obama DoJ to respect marijuana legalization falls on deaf ears, JCD on redundancy of Tenth Amendment, foolish “federal trumps state” meme
2:06:54ITU WCIT trying to regulate emergency services calls on the internet, spam vs advertising
2:14:34Douchebag Chris Matthews tramples explanation of Rick Santorum’s opposition to UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; Fox News replacing blondes with brunettes
2:19:32Obama considering Vogue’s Ana Wintour for ambassadorship to Great Britain or France
2:21:50Sen. Carl Levin blowing through pro forma red tape with JCD soundtrack for end of show