Call Clooney!

467 Red Washcloth (2012-12-06)

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0:00:00JCD: “Hey there, hot boy, come pick up my bags!” (1:32:30)
0:00:34ACC’s unexpected trip to Amsterdam due to Ms. Micky’s visa “technical issue” preventing US entry and placing her at the mercy of Lucy Napolitano and shady immigration lawyers, JCD’s sound card on its last legs as he reads Airbnb listings, Uncle Don: “get a lawyer”; Dutch youth soccer coach Richard Nieuwenhuizen kicked to death by Moroccan players
0:15:44Producer Segment
0:20:49Obama rolls out tough talk about Syrian chemical weapons while Putin is MIA; Jay Carney answers reporter’s second scripted question without her having to ask it; Erin Burnett rolls out graphic illustrating impact from “a single show… shell” of gas, Barbara Starr clutches her pearls at the prospect of terrorists looting weapons caches; “important breaking news!” from Anderson Pooper on Syria loading up missiles with chemical weapons, NBC News “important story!” with Iraq B-roll, Starr hedges “if this turns out to be true, even if not”; rumors of Assad seeking asylum abroad in repeat of the familiar Gaddafi script; Amnesty International irked over Ansar al-Sharia atrocities in southern Yemen; pipeline near Gulf of Aden attacked
0:40:04Producer Segment Part 2
0:48:28Lawrence O’Donnell brilliantly summarizes the furor surrounding Jovan Belcher NFL murder suicide by quoting Mike Lupica: “how many home runs would Babe Ruth hit without a bat?”
0:52:17O’Donnell and Joe Scarborough attempt to shame Senate Republicans for voting against UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; more bitching from Ted Kennedy Jr. and Chris Matthews; Tony Dokoupil and Chris Hayes discuss state marijuana legalization vs federal law without ever mentioning the Tenth Amendment
1:08:27Hypocrite Rachel Maddow bitches about Fox News discussing a presidential run with David Petraeus, having a few days before met Obama to get marching orders
1:14:25FDA proposal in The Federal Register for replacement of “artificially sweetened” with “low calorie” in the name of “honesty and fair dealing”; Sen. Carl Levin tears through a pile of “as if read” boilerplate for the likes of National Nurse-Managed Health Clinic Week
1:21:56Donation Segment: preschool red washcloths; Elizabeth Warren’s “you didn’t build that”
1:48:06Hillary Clinton delivers World AIDS Day pitch for “the most effective prevention and treatment interventions” including Truvada; Canadian trial for “on demand” pre-exposure use; Berkeley Prof. Peter Duesberg discusses HIV vs AIDS on The Joe Rogan Experience
1:57:39MP Nadine Dorries quoted in UK Parliament describing David Cameron and George Osborne as “two arrogant butt boys” or “two arrogant posh boys”; MP Dennis Skinner accuses Osborne of moving on from wrecking hotel rooms to wrecking the economy
2:01:17Fiscal Cliff: Howard Dean to Lawrence O’Donnell on the virtues of returning to Clinton-era taxes, JCD on “major, major screw job” extending alternative minimum tax to 30M people, C-SPAN discussion of AMT “bizarre rate structure” and one-time “patch” for tax year 2012; ACC’s dismal credit score of 320 thanks to IRS shenanigans; Mitch McConnell gripes about Obama’s campaign rallies; JCD flummoxed at California residents voting for Proposition 30
2:14:58Hoarding to be designated a mental illness by DSM-5
2:15:42And Now Back to Real News: Kate Middleton the “most talked-about pregnancy since Bethlehem”; Clinton TV hagiography propagates “young woman” meme, ACC: “she’s an old hag!”
2:19:51Democracy Now rejoices at Sing for the Climate Do It Now performance in Belgium; NOAA admits 2012 was about average in terms of hurricanes; Sharpton addresses viewer Mimi “Mimmy”