Call Clooney!

466 Give Peas a Chance (2012-12-02)

Show 466 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Ugghhhh!” (1:37:10)
0:00:32Ant epidemic precipitated by Northern Silicon Valley rain, JCD on “noncommittal” Argentine ant attitudes toward nationalism, black magic marker lines of ants with the occasional beetle
0:05:24ACC irked at whistling Obama #2 for not calling Curry-Dvorak Consulting Group before committing to idiotic #My2k for fiscal cliff wrangling with Congress, “I love you too” for plant in the audience, JCD story: planted “pregnant pause” screamer at Led Zeppelin concert, Phil Spector’s story about Little Richard’s curtain-climbing transition, JCD’s unexpected 9/11 clip, RIP ACC’s TL Audio 5052 tube amplifier, new 1950s oscilloscope for the ham shack
0:16:17Knight Essam Attia arrested over fake NYPD drone signs and .22 likely planted by police; Tekzilla folder naming tips from PR Associate Bekk Fry; No Agenda secretary applications
0:26:34Producer Segment: “Joe C. Dvorak”
0:30:29Twin PR articles “Give Peas a Chance” by Dr. Oz for TIME and Dr. Nagual for Newsvine, JCD story: Pat McGovern’s practice of firing sacrificial fake columnist to appease advertisers
0:36:48Multimillionaire Susan Rice’s large investment in Keystone XL owner TransCanada; “Billy Boy” Clinton paid $250,000 for recycled speech to ICANN paid for by bullcrap “targeted sponsorship”; MSNBC’s Karen Finney positions Rice as champion for women’s and LGBT rights, “if this was a man, these would all be positive attributes”, controversial officials like Rice and Holder “all happen to have dark skin”, ACC: “they all happen to be douchebags!”
0:49:25Rice screeches at UN General Assembly about Palestine’s upgrade to non-member observer state, ACC: “did she go to the Adolf Hitler school of public speaking?”; Israel worried about International Criminal Court, JCD on Berkeley anti-Israel and Obama-Biden bumper stickers
0:56:31Diane Sawyer: “third worst season” in history of hurricanes with nineteen, ACC: “I missed Tony, Valerie, and William!”, town hall “everybody is going to be vulnerable!”, Climate Project spokeshole anticipates “continued years of busy hurricane seasons”, iceberg collapse B-roll with screaming, promo for Chasing Ice documentary financed by Africa-centric WILD Foundation
1:14:50Amy Goodman rolls out Walter Cronkite cadence for UN Climate Change Conference in Doha, International Youth Climate Movement “Noodle Kid” gripes about big oil and banks
1:20:25Two South Florida men arrested for “plotting to detonate a bomb in the US homeland!”, motor drive camera sound effect, “sources tell ABC News this was not a sting” vs FBI Six Week Cycle, JCD: “he was named after a famous food dish in Pakistan, Curry
1:24:57Donation Segment: NAIIB No Agenda Institute for Internet Broadcasting
1:48:32IMF and ECB to roll out €40bn tranche of Greek bailouts, boring BBC discussion of Greece buying back debt; Bloomberg suing for details of banks hiding shenanigans behind derivatives
1:55:18Pat Boone assures Don Lemon “the guy was killed!” in 2005 Danish Muhammad cartoon incident; big oil fighting push for 25% ethanol with bogus “damages your engine” propaganda
2:03:13CNN’s Chris Lawrence lies about Pentagon’s new autonomous drone policy with “that technology doesn’t exist yet” and “Human Rights Watch applauds the Pentagon’s move”; DoD Directive 3000.09 “Autonomy in Weapon Systems” requiring operators “minimize failures that could lead to unintended engagements”; Erin Burnett coos over cute DARPA animal robots
2:14:32Al Jazeera “giant shit, giant shit, giant shit” in Venice (CotD)
2:17:34Riot control weapons in Tunisia “that even the Israelis don’t use”; Link TV shaking down Koch Brothers with innuendo-laced “documentary”; Eurovision Song Contest in jeopardy
2:24:35White House vs ITU over “internet freedom”; Zbigniew Brzezinski for end of show