Call Clooney!

465 Skimp Layer (2012-11-29)

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0:00:00JCD: “What about Bert and Ernie, they’ve always been gay!” (2:37:37)
0:00:33ACC “discomboobulated” with Ms. Micky still in Amsterdam, Mimi warning “a river, a river, is gonna‚Ķ twelve inches!” in the California weather forecast thanks to global warming
0:02:39Global warming causes record November snowfall in Russia, JCD on San Franciscans griping about cold weather every year, “don’t litter” as the pinnacle of environmentalism in the 1970s
0:06:24In the Morning Net “geezers”: Obama unable to swear oath on the Bible, Eisenhower’s double inauguration; Jamie Foxx “lord and savior Barack Obama” at Soul Train Awards
0:13:56A gloomy Chuck Todd laments that House Republican Conference chars are “all white men”; Rachel Maddow snarks “they have put in charge everyone they have the power to put in charge of everything they are in charge of”, JCD: “they don’t have any choice, it’s done on seniority!”; “old white dude” Chris Matthews plays the Hitler card; Obama’s new American dream “to protect the middle class, and help people enter and stay in the middle class”; Warren Buffett: tax hikes on the wealthy are good for morale; Daniel Altman New York Times article “To Reduce Inequality, Tax Wealth, Not Income” proposing 1.5% wealth tax
0:28:31ACC’s hairdresser’s $240 textbook; Pennsylvania College of Technology promo for $40,000 factory jobs, JCD: “the Adam Curry Podcasting School!”; State Department and NSA challenge coins, FBI recruiting “ethical hackers”, mysterious “Elron Incident”, JCD on Watergate as recovery of evidence of Nixon’s teen hooker scandal, ACC story: London Rolling Stones interview and breaking into Dutch press bureau to retrieve nude photos of Caroline Tensen
0:44:07Producer Segment: ACC’s new Icom IC-7200; Dame Janice Kang’s “mutton and mead”
0:56:41“Blackwater of cyber-warfare” CrowdStrike cozying up to Department of Homeland Security; ACC predicts push for drones doing pipeline inspection, diploma from Connecticut School of Broadcasting, ACC-JCD podcasting book doomed to a state of perpetual incompleteness
1:04:47ACC & CVC hypnotized by music from ZzzQuil “just for sleep” ad playing at Walgreens; Vyvanse “it won’t do my laundry or do my work for me” ad planting the notion of “selling or sharing Vyvanse”, “sudden death” and “new or worsening mental illness” side effects; exemption for NFL players with existing Adderall prescriptions, JCD on US Navy prototype Benzedrine; ACC’s information from his “pumped-up gay friends” about Truvada PReP for HIV prevention alluded to by Hillary Clinton at International AIDS Conference, USA Today marketing Truvada at $14,000 per year under Obamacare
1:29:59CNN declares Susan Rice off the hook for lying about Benghazi, JCD Red Book: Sen. Kelly Ayotte for vice president in 2016, Rice’s repeated “we’ve decimated al-Qaeda”; brief clip Ayotte reading RNC script; seven Egyptian Christians to be executed for taking part in Innocence of Muslims; Mika Brzezinski rushes to the defense of lying Time columnist Joe Klein; JCD: “she’s a twerp!”, ACC quod pro quo for Secretary of State theory
1:54:06Donation Segment: JCD’s Sea-Tac TSA “body massage” and chat about NH4NO3 protocol
2:23:56Plea for $25 “gift of life” food boxes for Israel; Dutch De Wereld Draait Door edits Benjamin Yetanyahu to say “one of the things that we’re doing is trying to maximize the number of civilian casualties” (CotD); Palestine getting opportunity to “upgrade its status” with UN
2:30:23Wolf Blitzer aghast at Cold War “nuke the Moon!” plot (CotD); NASA walks back Mars Rover “special announcement”; “very bright comet” coming in 2013 to a “skimp layer” year you
2:36:50Another Kevin Clash accuser, Bert & Ernie “shocking gay video”, Being Elmo documentary; UK phone hacking Leveson Inquiry; Cyber Monday “the desk or the couch” compilation