Call Clooney!

464 Iron Key (2012-11-25)

Show 464 album art
0:00:00Man on bullhorn: “You are all a bunch of mainstream media-watching morons!” (1:30:36)
0:00:40JCD pans new James Bond film Skyfall: “five minutes later he’s kissing some girl in India!”; tedious end-of-year retrospectives from the mainstream media; ACC’s meetup with Sir GQ to discuss US Army 35Q “35 Quebec” cyber-warfare specialization, “totally compromised” PGP vs Iron Key USB flash drives, US government no longer listening to amateur radio CW, Gmail Tap Morse code keyboard April Fools’ joke, JCD on Samuel Morse’s paintings, CVC’s new Polaroid camera, $1,700 “primitive skills” courses, JCD: “how to light a match, you idiots!”
0:16:10Obama’s double inauguration and JCD’s “two Obamas” theory revisited, double inauguration planned for January 20 and 21 due to the former being a Sunday, “coincidence” of at least one Obama ditching ring and watch for Ramadan, NFC Championship vs 20th Amendment
0:22:17“The waters of Canada’s west coast support more than 9,600 what? … severed feet” (CotD)
0:24:39Producer Segment: JCD’s elusive CD of Mac one-liners
0:37:10Springfield Massachusetts strip club destroyed in “gas explosion”, no strippers injured or interviewed by media, Indianapolis bumps number of houses set for demolition up to a magic number of 33, utility workers saved by hiding behind a truck while 42 houses are blown sky-high, “hundred-year-old infrastructure” meme for the Red Book, US economy almost entirely supported by guns, drugs, and fast food, Djibouti drone bases used against “the other tribe” in Somalia for the sake of oil, RIP peak oil thanks to 3T barrels in the US vs the 1T used
0:48:51“Doomsday scenario” compilation prompted by UN Environmental Programme “4 degrees” meme, media making mistake of predicting doom for poor countries, JCD reiterates critique of cap and trade scam; Voice of America falsely attributes “the new normal” to Ban Ki-moon
0:56:11White House “drone rulebook” for Romney victory scenario; Lindsey Graham’s unanswered letters to Obama demanding answers about Benghazi; Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton walks back racism accusations; Obama claims Susan Rice “who had nothing to do with Benghazi” was directed by White House rather than State Department, JCD: “why is she the spokesperson about Benghazi?”, ACC amused by lewd-sounding “besmirch her reputation”, “a million Iraqis killed … that’s outrageous, Mr. President!” (ACCPPotD); Graham attempts to shame White House by contrasting Benghazi with bin Laden raid, ACC predicts inevitable release of damning drone video; nonexistent CIA annex vs “according to sources at the CIA annex”
1:13:37Obama’s hypocritical “ missiles raining down on its citizens” revisited; top Libyan intelligence officer killed on his way home from work, ACC: “it’s called tying up loose ends, I believe”
1:19:09Obama doing gas deals in Burma rather than worrying about fiscal cliff, Uncle Don not thrilled with “Myanmar” designation, ACC looking for Clinton slime on Federal Register list of seven companies now allowed in, Obama repeatedly butchers “A Dong Yan Suu Kyi”
1:24:20ABC News scoffs at “annual orgy of capitalism” Black Friday; JCD sweetens CNN report with screams and machine gun fire; conspiracy theorist Mark Dice takes to the streets to mock zombie shoppers via bullhorn, JCD: “I can see you doing that in just a few years”
1:32:10Donation Segment: Jonathan Rauch “In Defense of Being Offensive” for end of show
1:53:52Max Keiser proposes leveraged buyout of Buckingham Palace; Haiku Herman finally admits failure to pass 10-year EU budget; Timothy Geithner all-in on eliminating debt ceiling; protests in Rome over education budget cuts; parents of toddlers cautioned against mobile devices
2:15:23UK seizing foster children of UKIP supporters; priest-imam soccer match in Bosnia, JCD impressed with Canadian lingerie football, ACC: “Canadian women are hot!”