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463 Dead Hand of Bureaucracy (2012-11-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “Why are they pattin’ down that old woman and that old man, the guy’s 90!” (2:55:42)
0:00:38JCD in Washington for heirloom pumpkin pie, ACC alone in Austin with nary a hooker; JCD’s two blog posts explaining the bogativity of modern Thanksgiving, Congress discussing moving holiday to help economy; Dutch Zwarte Piet tradition rationalized with “they get dirty climbing down chimneys”; CVC and Juan celebrating with booze and sugary cereal
0:13:40Producer Segment: If You See Something Say Something jingle on Up All Night sitcom
0:40:51Susan Rice explains that White House requested she make rounds of the Sunday shows to discuss Benghazi “and Iran’s nuclear program”, information provided by “intelligence community”, “I made clear that the information was preliminary” lie, “definitive” conclusions still to come from FBI and State Department; Rice facing “angry politics” from McCain and Graham; Rep. Jim Clyburn to Soledad O’Brien: “incompetent” is a racist and sexist “code word”, JCD: “what gender was Condoleezza Rice?”; Congressional Black Caucus’ Marcia Fudge identifies “clear racism and sexism”; Michael Meyers registers disgust with “congressional black choir”; black GOP Rep. Allen West portrayed as poster child for the racist Tea Party
0:57:34UK Secretary of State William Hague on missile launched from Gaza toward Jerusalem; ACC: “please kill a CNN journalist!”; Anderson Pooper walks back Reuters video of “victim” walking around unscathed; “the Iron Dome is having a big impact!” PR campaign; JCD’s Iron Dome promo video, another THAAD for Saudi Arabia; ACC-JCD “be safe!” skit vs BBC World Service “John, we think you should take cover!”; Erin Burnett catches “senior correspondent” Ben Wedeman discussing dinner plans with his producer, Wedeman’s 2011 discovery of “yellowcake uranium” in Libya, ACC: “they don’t give a single flying crap about you!” (ACCPPotD)
1:14:41Matt Lee grills Victoria Nuland over her ineffective “quiet diplomacy” as Turkey accuses Israel of terrorism; pinnacle of irony from Obama in declaring “there’s no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders”; William Hague responds to rehearsed “would you agree” questions in Parliament; Anderson Pooper marvels at Wedeman not flinching at gunfire sound effects, JCD: “this has to drag on forever”
1:31:03Donation Segment: Morse code 88.88 jingle; gay-sounding Cenk Uygur’s “TYT Army”
2:27:35Study recommends PTSD be treated with MDMA, US Preventative Services Task Force recommends HIV tests for all, Vyvanse app recommendations
2:33:30Indianapolis “gas explosion” now a criminal investigation calling for information on a mysterious white van, 9/11-style destruction of evidence with 28 homes slated for demolition, ACC’s drone hijacking theory, conversation with UK ham reminiscing about V-1 “buzz bombs”
2:40:35Jeremy Scahill to MSNBC on “body counts” as measure of success in the Middle East; inside information from producers on FBI Six-Week Cycle of homegrown terror arrests, four California men arrested in terror plot involving Facebook likes, Red Book “Christmas event” predictions; BBC promo for SAS Software “risk score” to detect terrorists at borders
2:51:30And Now Back to Real News: NASA sitting on “exciting new results” from Mars Rover
2:52:30TSA’s John Pistole promises to grope fewer older passengers, JCD reflects on old “nothing to lose” meme; new Blind Sheikh prisoner exchange Benghazi theory
2:59:08Pedobear scandal for Elmo actor Kevin Clash; Dutch Prince Friso’s “minimal consciousness”
3:02:45Morning Joe talks VAT; new IMF global warming “four degrees” meme, GAO kills peak oil
3:08:27Chris Matthews urges Obama to reinstate Clinton-era taxes; Nigel Farage blasts “the dead hand of bureaucracy” destroying Europe; Steven Fry on parasitic wasps for end of show