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462 Flaming Groovies (2012-11-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “Just sayin’ they’re idiots, okay?” (1:58:03)
0:00:31ACC now KF5SLN/AG after passing General exam and almost passing Extra Class, Ham Nation “watch me solder this”, antenna farm around the corner from JCD, “you’d think NASA runs this guy’s house!”, and the push to “make Morse code cool again”
0:09:10Producer note with list of anomalies surrounding Richmond Hill Indianapolis “gas explosion” including aggressive lockdown and sickness from “flowery odor”; victim Dion Longworth of Stray Light Optical, connection with DoD and Surrey Satellite Technology deaths
0:17:22Democracy Now correspondent in Gaza claims Israel is slaughtering Palestinians indiscriminately, “we have incoming!” skit with hand-crank air raid siren; CNN “we can stay on!” with crew running from nonexistent impacts, correspondent Sara Sidner in goofy helmet: “we can hear the sound of drones overhead … that usually means one thing and one thing only: that soon we’ll start hearing the sounds of bombs falling”, ACC: “why are you signing off??
0:27:04Christiane Amanpour to slurring Diane Sawyer: US-Israel agreement aiming to prevent civilian casualties “like what happened last time”, Operation Pillar of Cloud and previous Gaza operations timed with Israeli elections; Obama “less interested” in Middle East after Netanyahu sided with Romney; incomprehensible African reporter blathers about “agenda for peace”; CNN Skype call with reporter in Gaza drowned out by continuous explosions; contentless Al Jazeera piece on house bombed three times; CNN propagates bogus story of 13-year-old boy shot in the head by Israeli helicopter, Israeli politician blames barrage of missiles “coming from Iran”, JCD on bogus imminent terrorist attacks in the days leading up to 2004 elections
0:44:52Idiots reflecting “luckily I still have Ho Hos in my freezer” as Hostess Brands shuts down
0:47:26Producer Segment: Ms. Micky in Europe over Thanksgiving; A Gitmo Nation Christmas Carol
0:57:10Toe-tapping JCD; parts of Austin blocked off for Formula One World Championship
1:00:04“Racist” John McCain opposing Susan Rice for Secretary of State; CNN’s Barbara Starr claims “I have just spoken to someone” who claims David Petraeus knew immediately that Ansar Al-Sharia was responsible for Benghazi; theory of Hillary Clinton attempting to destroy rival Susan Rice; JCD reflects on similarities between Aerosmith and the Flamin’ Groovies; blowhard Eleanor Holmes Norton rushes to Rice’s defense with reference to “Bengali Libya”; The Economist: “no conceivable goal” for cover-up, Gen. Mark Hertling quietly retires, Watergate and Smedley Butler parallels, “idiot” Jane Harman a possible Petraeus replacement
1:16:47Federal Register makes note of $6.5bn THAAD Terminal High Altitude Area Defense sale to Qatar; White House establishes itself on SoundCloud; violent protests against Muhammad descendant King Abdullah II of Jordan, JCD’s “Iron Dildo” and Steely Dan origin story
1:30:51Wired quotes ACC “arrogant bunch of cocksuckers” in piece about iOS 6 podcast flaw
1:34:18Donation Segment: JCD’s “with Ayn Rand” fart
1:53:25Jimmy Savile colleague David Lee Travis arrested; BBC cautions against Pedobear tweets
1:58:41Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles gripe about looming fiscal cliff as potential political ploy, likely stock market crash and recession, fiscal cliff scream, Simpson mocks public at large up in arms over mortgage interest deduction; Nevada City issuing homelessness licenses
2:12:59Bill Clinton addresses Dutch advertising conference with “explanation is empowerment”
2:17:42Joe Lieberman unsuccessfully attempts to resurrect cybersecurity bill to prevent “cyber-theft”
2:21:44Europe officially in recession; Kostas Vaxevanis to be tried again for publishing LaGarde’s List; UAE cracking down on online prostitution