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461 No-Stray Spray (2012-11-15)

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0:00:00ACC: “There is nothing I love more than you topping me.” (2:13:12)
0:00:31JCD’s habit of stuffing one end of his microphone in a briefcase when on the road
0:03:26iOS 6 multiple download flaw finally exposed by PRX and amplified by douchebag tech press, Apple still refuses to acknowledge anything is amiss, voidzero’s conspiracy theory of carriers phonying up data usage numbers, JCD’s $30 flat-rate T-Mobile plan, unfortunate “three, four, Jersey Shore” T-Mobile ad, ACC’s credit score marred by bogus Verizon claim
0:13:11David Petraeus scandal and 1964 film Seven Days in May; State Department spokeshole Mark Toner grilled about $100M for Syrian National Coalition, “first off, it’s $160 million” for shadowy NGOs, “they’re talking about weapons and they’re talking about a lot of things that you’re not talkin’ about”; Mohammad Khawam and Petraeus’ friends Jill & Natalie Khawam as CIA weapons middlemen, Petraeus “fangirl” Paula Broadwell, driver’s license lost in infamous Rock Creek Park; Andrew Napolitano on “bitter rivals” FBI and CIA; Broadwell to University of Denver on request from Benghazi CIA annex for In Extremis Force support
0:33:26Obama falls over himself defending Susan Rice’s Benghazi lies to the media; Rice unable stop herself from commenting that heavy weapons “are quite common and accessible” in post-revolutionary Libya, Morsi has “called off” demonstrations apparently at Obama’s behest
0:41:41Producer Segment:, ACC’s upcoming General exam
0:58:40Indianapolis drone strike “gas explosion” now with NTSB looking at home appliances, “the belief is that natural gas was involved”, 2011 MythBusters “whoosh” episode; JCD’s lack of Beatles nostalgia, ACC irked at full-length The Drone Again derivative on YouTube
1:09:36NATO brass standing by Gen. John Allen amidst sex scandal; Conrad Black takes offense at being called a “convicted criminal” by Jeremy Paxman: US justice system “a fraudulent fascistic conveyor belt of the corrupt prison system”, “you’re a priggish, gullible British fool!”
1:15:19Post-virus scan “I’ll tell you story” from Uncle Don about Pete McCloskey and coded message that Israel may have been behind the Gulf of Tonkin and Benghazi/Petraeus; Wolf Blitzer introduces “dramatic video” of Israel killing Hamas leader: “what are we seeing here?”, CNN correspondent in front of green screen claims “air strike after air strike!” invisible to cameras; Al Jazeera on unlikely release of Israeli drone footage, JCD impressed with Stargate Studios; Lyndon Johnson’s establishment of PBS as Vietnam War propaganda conduit
1:40:27Donation Segment: ACC’s “finishing school” cotillion classes and new Mac Pro
2:15:46RT cuts off sociologist James Petras after he decries “Nazi blitzkrieg kind of assault on Gaza”; CNBC Fast Money gloom and doom; Marc Faber predicts global reset via “imploding markets”; RT on “mega-protests” in Europe against austerity ignored by New York Times; pan-European general strike for end of show; ACC identifies Miss Texas 1998 as perfect RT host; “the left’s attack on assault weapons is back!” on SaveUsChuckWoolery YouTube channel
2:30:17Distraction of the Week: We the People state secession petitions and counter-petitions
2:31:57Oxytocin “no-stray spray”, producer note on rarity and brevity of severe Haldol side effects
2:35:46S.3254 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 with “next-generation exo-atmospheric kill vehicle”, vaccination injury reports, $1.6bn USS Abraham Lincoln overhaul
2:40:20“New host of China” Xi Jinping’s advisory council including head of “Publicity Department”
2:42:38Cornel West horrifies Amy Goodman by describing Obama as “Rockefeller Republican in blackface”; ACC corrects record on Obama vs Bush executive orders; cackling idiot Nancy Pelosi’s “we have the gavel” gaffe, “discrimination!” for reporter questioning her long tenure