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460 Nein Nein Nein Nein (2012-11-11)

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0:00:00ACC: “We had a drone strike in America.” (2:07:08)
0:00:32Red Book prediction comes true with the resignation of Gen. David Petraeus ostensibly for cheating on his wife; hagiographer Paula Broadwell jokes with Jon Stewart about “hiding” in Afghanistan; “megalomaniac insane woman” Broadwell’s little-discussed counterintelligence background; ABC brushes past “she spent some time in the black ops”, ACC: “she was a Nazi sympathizer, she ate babies, and then she went on to be biographer”, CIA’s penchant for alcohol and women; creepy host John Batchelor to Larry Kudlow : “I am told by several sources it was not beauty killed the beast, Larry”, Petraeus bailing out to avoid facing Congress; ACC’s ill-advised “Petraeus Paperclip” Google search unearths right-wing pedophilia theories
0:15:26Michael Scheuer on Patraeus’ occasional role as thorn in Obama’s side, liar John Brennan the perfect replacement; JCD on All In coauthor Vernon Loeb and Bob Woodward as probable spooks, Washington Post “IntelligenCIA” column; The McLaughlin Group on Obama’s cocaine admission “in his novel”; Valerie Jarrett’s elusive “payback time”; Kucinich and Pelosi burglarized; two to the head for top Obama Secret Service agents after cheating scandal
0:29:50Sticky-mouthed Andrea Mitchell visibly upset reading Petraeus resignation letter; warring factions Pentagon vs CIA vs FBI with “every two months they have some patsy” schedule
0:41:54Producer Segment: Echolink node 3373
0:52:45Matt Lee jokes with Victoria Nuland about Valerie Jarrett running secret talks with Iran
0:58:51ACC’s double-poop water outage and “blankets and water”; Anderson Pooper warns about Hurricane Sandy “pop-up” charities; opportunistic organizers messing with utility contracts
1:04:44ACC irked at Obama for getting weepy at his reelection instead of at his drone carnage; not-particularly-new “Great Recession” meme, “I’ve got the pen”; Sen. Obama at 2008 town hall griping about 64 executive orders from George W. Bush, empty “I will reverse them with the stroke of a pen” promise, nonexistent “rounding up” of Muslims, “I take the Constitution very seriously” lie; Executive Order 13629 enabling more sanctions for Iran and Syria, JCD on disastrous second terms for recent presidents, ACC Red Book: Lucy Napolitano for DoJ
1:21:14BBC Director General George Entwistle resigns after 50 days on the job over Newsnight Pedobear report not naming Lord Alistair McAlpine, JCD: “is she retarded AND dead?
1:33:34Donation Segment: Hitler “nein nein nein!”; ACC’s McRib “more juicy goodness to love”
2:07:02Probable domestic drone strike in Indianapolis with two homes obliterated and DHS and ATF on the scene, ACC theory: CIA vs military financial operation,; Obama claims “precise” drone strikes are not causing civilian casualties: “it’s not a bunch of folks in a room somewhere just making decisions”, ACC: “that’s exactly what it is!”
2:18:52Nearly incomprehensible Chinese media report on income gap between rich and poor
2:21:40Protests in Buenos Aires Argentina against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner; Bashar Al Assad to RT: Western invasion would lead to “domino effect”; boring promo video for Canadian Rolling Jubilee debt abolition movement, upcoming telethon with Janeane Garofalo
2:31:20Producer note on dying surface temperature satellites and hurricane models; Amy Goodman trots out Hurricane Sandy as climate change “wake up call”, “we’ve had a very large number of these billion-dollar sorts of disasters in recent years” lie, “I’m wondering, Greg Jones, as a climate scientist …”, JCD: “well, Adam Curry, well-known crackpot”; Obama’s Agenda 21 $23/ton carbon tax; 16 of 300 Fisker Karmas destroyed by Hurricane Sandy went up in flames
2:41:38Outro: pandering report about California lottery winner for end of show