Call Clooney!

45 Do You Think Believe Feel? (2008-08-30)

Show 45 album art
0:00:34From hot to cold in California; feedback on JCD eating on Show 44
0:02:1848-hour “stomach flu” going around UK and Europe; CVC’s 18th birthday at Bar Mambo with 1980s geek theme and band, “we had our first puker around 9:45”, “first legal tattoo”
0:09:38VPILF possibility with Sarah Palin/Tina Fey, “hot librarian” meme; well-choreographed McCain event; Fox News compares Obama with Lincoln, JCD on racist Democrats; Twitter “little-known fact”: Palin’s voice can “cut glass”, hot semiauto rifle photo; Karl Rove on three Republican targets: evengelicals, veterans, and small business; robotic Obama speech in Beaver PA, celebrity status; Adlai Stephenson the “egghead”
0:28:59Democratic National Convention: Rage Against the Machine concert, service members handing out flags, free speech zone; body language analysts everywhere, ageists attacking McCain, funny Kucinich speech
0:36:49Plunge Protection Team activated
0:38:01Hurricane Gustav over Jamaica, Fox News “expect five-dollar gas” mantra, JCD: “almost totally dependent on oil from ____” meme, Alaskan oil and Palin, ACC: “you know what, its beer-drinkin’, gun-totin’ good old boys who are sittin’ around goin’ damn, damn, woman, look at that!!”, JCD on Democrat “you know what”, ACC on Silicon Valley “right?” suffix, “I believe/think/feel” prefix
0:44:42ACC’s highly-skilled father-in-law, Marks & Spencer lettuce and re-creation of steakhouse salad; JCD on high-end Fortnum & Mason eggs, royal stamps of approval
0:50:26More than 1M job losses expected, 36 years of profits lost by Lehman Brothers in 18 months
0:51:20ACC’s meeting with the extraterrestrials: yes on liking strawberry ice cream, Alabama October 14 message, Blossom Goodchild prediction, “great day in history” post comment, date 2012 numerology, Nibiru “I call BS” comment, definition of “first contact”
1:04:59New Marks & Spencer BP Oil Sentry license reader, British tourists feared across Europe because of less surveillance, Greek mayor: “all they do is vomit, cross dress, and cause fights”, ACC on British spirits broken by Margaret Thatcher vs Blitzkrieg, police state; JCD on free speech zones and televising wackos, Murdoch pulling the strings, ACC’s survivor in-laws glued to mainstream news
1:14:25Full-page SOS Georgia ad in Financial Times, investigation of slick, “Kremlin-ordered” DDoS attacks; getting sidetracked on TWiT
1:24:55ACC’s Rally for the Republic gig falls though due to miscommunication; Limbaugh points out “it’s not about me” at end of speech full of “I”s, “I am my brother’s keeper” vs Kenyan brother in mud hut
1:27:29Italian bankruptcy laws changed for Alitalia, Italian military on the streets, Berluscone statute of limitations for fraud; pulse energy weapon showing up on; JCD’s passing train, honking when passing radio station, ACC story: stomping around in men’s bathroom to get on NOS Nederlandse Omroep Stichting evangelical station