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459 Exactly Similar (2012-11-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “She’s pregnant, and doesn’t know how to tell the parents!” (1:18:48)
0:00:37JCD congratulates Obama and predicts “Biden 2016”; Diane Sawyer’s drunkenness on full display: “put it up on the shcreen”, “President Barack O’Ra… Obama, has won Minnesota”; hot-looking Sawyer sipping wine and popping pills in 1991; ACC’s use of weed as painkiller
0:08:22Washington and Colorado legalize marijuana where California can’t even manage GMO labeling thanks to Koch Brothers propaganda; questions about THC for DUI determinations, JCD on entire state of Washington as speed trap; media delighted that employees can still be fired over drug test; ACC’s receding gums due to smoking cessation
0:22:18Chris Matthews excoriates those who voted for “numbskull third- or fourth-party candidates”, “you have two choices!”; Matthews lauds America for electing an “African guy” with “part-immigrant background”, Rachel Maddow horrified at “I’m so glad we had that storm last week”; Soledad O’Brien introduces Obama’s family in Kenya; Chinese CCTV tracks down half-brother Samson; CNN discusses “almost exactly similar” vote totals from 2008 (CotD)
0:31:16ACC points out similarity to 1952 Eisenhower vs Stevenson election with UNIVAC predicting landslide, New York Times blogger Nate Silver claims to have computer model predicting Obama landslide; mock outrage from Karl Rove at Ohio being called for Obama, idiot Megyn Kelly references “when we practiced this before” in her impromptu walk to the control room
0:43:54Veiled “I wish all of them well” threat in Romney’s concession speech; NATO Secretary General Anders Rasmussen promises cooperation “against new threats, with new capabilities”
0:46:25Producer Segment: JCD on the lookout for another pair of swearing-in ceremonies
0:57:56Election QSO on Echolink node 780399, ACC working to learn Morse code
1:00:46Rush Limbaugh opens with “any of you guys in there wanna come sit in my chair today?”, ACC irked at Limbaugh’s background as top 40 DJ; Twitter boneheads threaten The Apprentice boycott over Donald Trump’s deleted tweet calling for revolution; money manager Marc Faber registers surprise at markets not being down 50% and predicts Obama’s resignation
1:10:51Victoria Nuland assures Matt Lee that Benghazi questions will remain unanswered; John McCain calls for select committee; Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair rounded up on forcible sodomy charges; JCD on parallel with Richard Nixon’s obsession over potentially not getting reelected
1:17:39Fast Money fast talkers on inevitable tax hikes; Austin angel investors renting out cubicles
1:21:57Warnings against trying to import qat; Bangladesh looking to join TAPI pipeline after Lucifer Clinton’s visit to Burma; Afghanistan’s 1.9bn barrels of undiscovered oil destined for China
1:30:06Alliterative ABC Nightline report on nor’easter “blowing sleet and snow into Sandy’s open wounds!”, “icy speed bump on the road to recovery”; New York Times hysteria over dying weather satellites, ACC on possible polar inversion and climate change “interregnum”
1:38:58RT compares Bradley Manning’s potential prison sentence with John Kiriakou’s 2.5 years; C-SPAN author reflects on Obama’s disdain for rule of law
1:45:34Donation Segment
2:34:39Obama shills for vampiric Red Cross; Dutch citizens obliged to opt out of organ donation
2:39:08And Now Back to Real News: Naomi Campbell’s decadent birthday party in India for her Russian boyfriend; The Doctors “Vagacial”; Adm. James Lyon on Benghazi for end of show
2:46:35Palestinians killed by Syrian rebels; Obama celebrates second term with drone strike
2:50:34Queen of the Netherlands forced to do second take of cabinet ceremony; riots and bombs in Athens after Greece adopts new round of austerity measures, JCD: “test against the best”