Call Clooney!

457 Giblet in EUROLand (2012-11-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “All the girls get together with your dead body in the middle.” (1:35:25)
0:00:34Obama in Wisconsin with his souvenir Air Force One jacket; Michio Kaku explains to Anderson Pooper the “new animal” caused by convergence of three elements causing Hurricane Sandy to turn left, “our computer simulations are not good at modeling the collision of two air masses”, JCD: “oh, but we can predict global warming!”; Infowars crowd blaming Obama conspiracy, JCD story: former insurance adjustor friend scamming insurance companies, ACC on looting in Toms River New Jersey; Michael Moore finds an enemy to blame thanks to global warming; Lucy Napolitano draws parallel with cyberattacks on power grid
0:16:01Maria Bartiromo, Brian Williams, and Rachel Maddow shill for GE by promoting power grid upgrades; elite douchebag Piers Morgan reflects on the relative normality of his Upper East Side neighborhood; ACC all-in on global warming and nuclear after gas-fired plant explosion; media impressed by blizzard in ski resort town of Snowshoe West Virginia; BBC video of effete “typical American male” screeching at tree falling on car, ACC predicts “fantastic benefit concert” with Bruce Springsteen and Snooki; Obama and MSNBC make derogatory comments about Romney’s “non-campaign storm relief effort”, JCD’s “meta-prepper” definition: “someone who has the mailing list of all the preppers, and then when something bad happens you go find them and shoot them and take their stuff”, ACC stakes out EchoLink node 775753
0:42:46Producer Segment: left-right panning Caustic Soda podcast up for Podcast Award
0:56:11Drive-through flu shots across the country; ACC headed to San Francisco for ReSurge International event; JCD white-knuckling long drives in electric Ford Focus with wildly inaccurate battery gauge for the purpose of writing a monograph giblet on the subject
1:08:46Dutch government releases austerity budget that defunds the healthcare system and raises VAT from 19% to 21%; Greek journalist Kostas Vaxevanis arrested by special forces and scolded by BBC douchebag after publishing “LaGarde’s List”
1:15:38Former Mormon horror author Brian Evenson admits to being creeped out by Mitt Romney; viral video of four-old “tired of Bronco Bama”; climate denialism now “reverse tribalism”
1:25:26NCIS features one of two black WWII veterans awarded the Medal of Honor
1:28:13Tough talk from Lucifer Clinton and inbred Catherine Ashton on Kosovo’s boundaries
1:32:27JCD blames Breezy Point New York fires on candle mishap, “no offense, ladies”, candles around the bathtub and Wiccan ceremonies, ACC smells insurance fraud
1:36:41Donation Segment: ACC’s piece of crap Range Rover’s broken locking motor
1:55:13Allstate “this is more than a teddy bear” ad, JCD: “bullcrap!”
1:57:30Washington Post idiot Mary Jordan kicks off cybersecurity summit: “a perfect morning to talk about scary things”, “stellar group of cyber-experts” like Luddite Lucy Napolitano, Norton providing estimates of losses due to cybersecurity threats, JCD: “trillions!
2:07:36Example of footage JCD suffers through: “um, and um, uh, and that is, um…”
2:09:32Red Book: Jack Daniels Unaged Tennessee Rye moonshine priced at $49.99
2:14:42Douchebag John McCain: top secret Benghazi tapes grabbed by FBI, “there was no demonstration” when Turkish Ambassador left on the evening of the attack (CotD)
2:19:11Cenk Uygur goes on anti-gun rant after house break-in, “that’s what the cops are there for!”
2:26:16And Now Back to Real News: Dutch amused at Belgian prison chaplain losing keys; Alyssa Milano UNICEF ad, JCD: “he can’t eat fifty cents, he needs food!”; fund drive for Austin “chicken lady”, JCD’s London beggar, Austin cane scam; Disney’s awful The Black Hole