Call Clooney!

456 Sell-ah-bretties (2012-10-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “Ayy! Be Quiet!” (2:04:01)
0:00:31Attempted QSO between KF5SLN and KJ6LNG on 444.850 MHz, JCD: “I may not be able to hit the repeater through this wall”, ACC: “the hams will save the world, that’s for sure!”
0:08:02ACC opens New Jersey “anthrax letter” confirming $99.79 in unclaimed property plus interest
0:11:29Gary Glitter thrown under the bus in Jimmy Savile Pedobear crackdown; Chinese media on “possible pedophile ring involving other sell-ah-bretties at the BBC”; MP Tom Watson alludes to evidence of “powerful pedophile network linked to Parliament and Number 10”; Paul Gambaccini to Radio Five Live on Savile’s penchant for “underage subnormals”, necrophilia cover-up in right-wing media, “this a man who conned an entire society”, ACC: “they are all in on it!” (CotD); JCD on Claus von Bülow’s membership in New York necrophilia club
0:27:32Producer Segment
0:32:23IBM Watson’s foray into medicine, bogus “it’s still learning” excuse for Siri’s many failings
0:36:23Euronews propagates new “super storm” Sandy meme, unexplained 87° turn against the jet stream, Weather Central LP bought in 2011 by E.L. Rothschild LLC, JCD’s video of HAARP-type arrays around the world, Salt Lake City meetup producer’s story of weather modification demonstration at military base, no mention of global warming, “Adam, are you there?” skit; CNN obsessing over 7.2 magnitude earthquake off Canadian coast, Honolulu mayor warns citizens they have four minutes to get to safety; ACC calls for No Agenda HF repeater network
0:56:03Adm. Charles Gaouette relieved of command of USS Stennis for unspecified “inappropriate leadership judgment”; father of SEAL Tyrone Woods calls inaction that led to the death of his son tantamount to murder; Glenn Beck: David Petraeus being set up as fall guy; CIA press release disavows stand down order; JCD on “General Betray-us” used by the left
1:08:00Information-free Al Jazeera piece on protests in Ningbo China against petrochemical plant, JCD on “NIMBY movement” and toxic p-Xylene used in plastics; Grease and Hurricane Sandy
1:13:11Bill Gates clone John Sununu to Piers Moron: Colin Powell a credit to his race for supporting Obama; Col. Lawrence “Yellowcake” Wilkerson responds with “my party is full of racists!”; bogus AP online poll finds more Americans are implicitly racist; vile Obama campaign ad with children singing about a future in which “gays can be fixed and sick people just die”
1:30:59John Stossel grills Ellis Henican on Obama’s broken promises and lies about ending War on Drugs; The Young Turks commentator on “business as usual” signals for Wall Street; Obama weekly address lauds nonexistent “tough new Wall Street reform”; Washington poised to beat California in marijuana legalization race; Obama brags about CFPB and follows up with threat that credit score “can even affect you chances of renting an apartment or getting a job”
1:45:59Donation Segment: Buzzkill Jr.’s mystery novel Hot Diggity Dead
2:09:58Chick-fil-A’s PR campaign pays off; Matt Lee irks Victoria Nuland with question about legal immunity of UN election monitors in Texas
2:16:27ABC News shills for big pharma by griping about “regulatory black hole” in New England Compounding Center meningitis outbreak, Ms. Micky’s inactive thyroid
2:24:31Local report on Caltrans workers misusing state vehicles, Gov. Jerry Brown refuses to watch footage and then accuses journalist of withholding footage; happy World Vegan Day
2:30:23Campaign spending good for Florida economy; benefits of quitting smoking before age 30; NYPD cop’s plot to eat women; graphic warning labels for sugary snacks in Canada
2:38:17Germany wants its gold back; Boeing’s bogus CHAMP microwave EMP weapon