Call Clooney!

455 Disposition Matrix (2012-10-25)

Show 455 album art
0:00:00JCD: “… begging for biscuits from the two corporate wings of our one-party system!” (2:37:37)
0:00:45JCD mispronunciations to celebrate fifth anniversary show; Americans slapped with “exit tax” before being allowed to renounce citizenship, JCD: “the only groups that act like this are cults and the mob”; artist MartinJJ going on hiatus, ACC plays first minute of Show 1
0:10:15Producer Segment: Producers Guild of America takeover plan; 12 12 12 Super Karma Geocoin
0:25:41CNN MILF spook Suzanne Kelly teases “leaked” redacted e-mail about State Department knowledge of in-progress attack, suspect arrested in Turkey and safely out of reach in Tunisia; Hillary now laughing when discussing Benghazi investigation; Matt Lee grills Victoria Nuland over State Department’s reaction to “crazyland” claims of responsibility, pretends not to know whether or not claims came from the media, Foreign Policy “competing claims” meme
0:45:46Erin Burnett referees shouting match between Jason Chaffetz and continually lying Wes Clark defending Obama’s response and blasting GOP, Chaffetz: “they blew our walled apart!”, questions surrounding White House actions “when the firefart s…, firefart st…, firefart started”
0:56:22Trailer for Washington Post article on “disposition matrix” for droning terrorism suspects; Romney all-in on drone carnage at presidential debate, Bob Schieffer gives Obama a pass for gratuitous bin Laden reference and question dodge; Schieffer refers to Pakistan’s arrest of “doctor who helped us catch Obama’s, uh, bin Laden”; stooge George Pataki: “I think the American people agree on drones” based on Xbox 360 poll; Debbie Wasserman Schultz to journalist asking about kill list: “I have no idea what you’re talking about”
1:04:42Obama at presidential debate: “we need to be thinking about space” for military development, “central question” of credibility; “zinger” etymology dating only to 1970; condescending “fewer horses and bayonets” response to Romney’s point about size of 1917 Navy; peculiar decision to employ off-axis split screen camera shots to make Obama look bigger; Romney botches responsibility “maintain the safety of the American people”; JMD’s classmates in Washington using early mail-in ballots to vote for Gary Johnson; voting machines changing Romney votes to Obama in Guilford County North Carolina, ACC: “this is proof of our theory!”
1:21:09MSNBC’s “Larry O’Donnell” summarizes third-party debates as being all about “the very definition of tyranny” NDAA, “the media is feeding you a drug called the two-party system”, ACC: “someone peed in his Cheerios or something”, JCD’s column about the media’s goal to abolishing the Electoral College, ACC: “how do you become an electrolyte?”
1:29:33British citizens being jailed for wearing anti-police shirts and making tasteless jokes on Facebook, new UNODC document The Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes with “states need to think and function in an equally transnational manner” epigraph from Ban Ki-moon
1:44:30CNN gleefully links Richard Mourdock’s “something that God intended to happen” rape comment with Romney; White House staffers heading back to Chicago for job interviews
1:47:10Tim Cook tries to channel Steve Jobs by musing that iPad is successful because “people love their iPads”, Jony Ive raves about “incredible” iPad Mini; ACC all-in on Marissa Mayer; JCD inundated with Scottevest ads after TWiT appearance, ACC recommends Ghostery extension
1:56:32Good Morning America segment on idiots paying big money to get slapped by Thai masseuse in order to minimize wrinkles; CBS News “medical expert” Jennifer Ashton reassures viewers that TSA “backscanner radiation” devices are perfectly safe
2:00:29Donation Segment: Ms. Micky’s onerous Green Card and UT vaccine requirements
3:10:32“I’ve got information, man, new shit has come to light!” from The Big Lebowski