Call Clooney!

454 Going Purple (2012-10-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “Allow me to share an incident from a few weeks back!(kazoo) (1:43:09)
0:00:34Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder a potential new DSM-5 addition, ACC: “it’s a job got Haldol no matter what”, 2007 “Body Convulsions of Death” entry from Erowid Experience Vaults: “my tongue continued to push out until it stretched to the point it was painful”; ACC’s Twitter account hacked after following malicious “naked pictures of Justin Bieber” link
0:11:58ACC passes his amateur radio Technician exam with juggling VEs, near miss on General exam, Austin WIN System repeater, ISS exception to music retransmission rule, Leo Laporte’s refurbished KSFO tube gear; JCD gripes about relocation of Austin Bergstrom airport, ACC makes contact with the local aviation community; Romney “no agenda for the future!”
0:28:06CCTV “narrative” starting with cancellation of US-Japanese “joint island recovery exercise”, Japan increasingly scrambling jets to intercept Russian aircraft, Germany uninterested in Diaoyu Islands, Chinese “anti-piracy drills”, Japan’s absence from coalition seeking to outlaw nuclear weapons, JCD: “re-arm Japan, what could go wrong?”, arms sales bump theory
0:35:29Producer Segment: JCD on the iconic Cook Islands tan
0:40:37Obama weekly address notes “you might have noticed” the sound of new homes being built; buddies Obama and Romney join the mainstream media to thumb their noses at the common people at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner
0:53:111988 announcement by League of Women Voters withdrawing its sponsorship of debates over demands from Commission on Presidential Debates: “we have no intention of becoming an accessory to the hoodwinking of the American public”, JCD on missing C-SPAN archival clips; Obama “morning in America” ad narrated by Morgan Freeman lies “our heroes are coming home”; NATO planning post-2014 “training mission” in Afghanistan; new “Romnesia” meme
1:05:53Obama dodges warrantless wiretapping question from sycophantic Jon Stewart; redirection technique using “the central question is” and list of talking points (CotD); douchebag Obama: “if four Americans get killed it’s not optimal”, JCD: “this is like the Ford Pinto”
1:16:32Donation Segment: ACC delighted with the notion of No Agenda nail clippers
1:47:20ACC notes tripling of sugar prices from 2008 to 2011, new flavor enhancers from US company Senomyx developed using aborted fetal kidney cells; “misleading health information” ad opposing California Prop. 37 GMO labeling sponsored by Monsanto and the usual suspects
2:00:47White House “going purple for Spirit Day” to combat LGBT bullying,; FEMA graduates its first class of FEMA Corps Brownshirt Jugend; JCD analyzes the signatures of Arne Duncan and Janet Napolitano as “two psychos”
2:10:11PBS wraps up Cybersecurity Awareness Month with “cyber hits” on banks blamed on Innocence of Muslims and Iran’s “elite security force”, Panetta’s “cyber Pearl Harbor” revisited, JCD: Neustar shill Rodney Joffe “a very knowledgeable scammer”, Margaret Warner reminds Michael Leiter that he went off script: “you din’t mention Iran”
2:22:03Law & Order takes on drone double taps; Alameda County Sheriff’s Office considering using drones for “proactive policing”; upcoming Urban Shield exercise sponsored by
2:32:16Clippity-Clop: Victoria Nuland announces Clinton visit to Haiti’s Parc Industriel de Caracol, JCD: “a pot fired and made from dung”, ACC: “do not be fooled by this!” (ACCPPotD)
2:35:37Underpaid doctors staging weeks-long strike in Peru, JCD impressed with hand-pumped air horns; NBC News pushes Adderall for college students: “I never heard anyone say, I took Adderall and did terrible on my exam”, final dire warning against selling on the black market