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453 Haldol Dribbler (2012-10-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “Fighting a losing cause, my friend, a losing cause.” (2:29:27)
0:00:34JCD unconcerned about Great SouthEast ShakeOut, Bert the Turtle Duck and Cover song
0:05:54ACC irked at lousy production values in latest presidential debate, Obama: “great question” about women’s salaries, Candy Crowley swaps in scripted Benghazi question “does the buck stop with your Secretary of State as far as what went on here?”, giveaway “please proceed, Governor” and “get the transcript” over Rose Garden “act of terror” statement in question, probable Obama mole in Romney campaign; actual Rose Garden “no acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation” and vague “denigrate the religious beliefs of others” pointing to video; stammering Romney cut off by Crowley and Obama Romney assassination tweets; RNC Rule 9 for replacing a dead candidate, ACC: “hello Jeb Bush!”; official Benghazi scapegoat Ahmed Abu Khattala ready for droning
0:32:06Producer Segment
0:34:53“Great question” for Romney about job creation; shut up slave from Crowley after “Mr. President, have you looked at your pension?”; Obama blathers about education when he’s supposed to be talking gun control; Obama “end the war in Libya… in Iraq” flub; Buzzkill Jr. catches “when it comes to our national security I mean what I say”; Jill Stein arrested attempting to enter venue; Montana Senate debate rules disallowing applause
0:46:30British Parliament “hear, hear!” mumble from Gary McKinnon extradition hearing
0:48:08FBI entraps Bangladeshi cybersecurity student in New York Federal Reserve bomb plot; CNN “lone wolf” prompted by Wolf Blitzer, “inspired by Inspire magazine” to attack “iconic target”, Ray Kelly prompted to say scary stuff about the internet, Inspire article promoting “the killing of children, killing of women” titled “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom”; lawyers in Seattle terrorism case asserting messages from paid informant were deleted by police
1:00:02“Bullied” anchor Jennifer Livingston promotes Mariott on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
1:05:56Blind man tased by British police after his cane is mistaken for a Japanese sword; hysterical The View applause for “world war that’ll set the entire Middle East on fire” voiceover; Victoria’s Secret model: “I’ve got a lot to say”, JCD: “hey lady, go write a book!”
1:10:50Eight suspected al-Qaeda droned in Yemen farmhouse, The Drone Again, Naturally jingle
1:12:45Hilarious video of Julia Gillard faceplanting in India; Hillary Clinton congratulates Italian Foreign Minister on “unified and peaceful” EU; BBC taken aback by firebombs and tear gas in Athens; Portuguese facing massive tax increases and austerity in 2013
1:25:48José Manuel Barroso pushing appropriately-titled SSM Single Supervisory Mechanism
1:27:51Congress concerned that Huawei is displacing US government in its ability to spy on Americans, Huawei stooge Bill Plummer lies to 60 Minutes: “we’re an open book”
1:38:17Donation Segment: ACC’s New Jersey unclaimed property; Haldol “dribbling zombie” warning
2:19:56Colorful report from Wellcome Foundation ADHD Voices Project on the joys of being doped up on ADHD drugs, ADHD and ME trailer with incomprehensible British children, JCD: “I don’t even drink”, What Does Ritalin Do? video; CBS News propagates Kaiser Permanente study that assures us that Gardasil in preteen girls does not promote promiscuity
2:33:23ACC predicts Rotterdam art heist as harbinger of film like Ocean’s 14
2:37:12Publication of Boy Scouts child abuse “Perversion Files” a hit job against Mormons
2:39:35Agenda 21: E. coli outbreak traced to North Carolina county fair
2:42:32Executive Order 13628 freezing assets of Iranian “sanctioned persons”