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451 Mass of Tax Nuts (2012-10-11)

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0:00:00ACC: “That’s our slogan for today, John: eventually everyone gets tased.” (1:28:15)
0:00:37JCD’s beginning his final “Memjet patented waterfall technology” trade show Red Book
0:04:30Media ignoring Innocence of Muslims now that Obama administration is no longer blaming it for Benghazi; Heritage Foundation compilation of media and State Department Benghazi changing story from “offensive video” to “organized al-Qaeda attack”; Rep. Darrell Issa opens Congressional hearing by invoking 9/11; Rep. Jason Chaffetz interrupts State Department’s Charlene Lamb to object to satellite photo of compound, “I was told specifically while I was in Libya I could not and should not ever talk about what you’re showing here today”, JCD: “it’s a weapons library, you can check out weapons but you gotta check them back in!”
0:19:20Deer in the headlights Jay Carney reads legal talking points when cornered by Jake Tapper; Sean Smith’s mother to Anderson Pooper: “the things that they are telling me are just outright lies”, “I cried on Obama’s shoulder, and then he kind of looked off into the distance, so that was worthless to me” (CotD); Carney as probable originator of bogus video story
0:28:47Producer Segment: ACC watching clock for 10/11/12 13:14:15; 1970s “eating cat food” meme
0:42:44House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform with “Egghead & Blowhard” Cummings and Holmes Norton; voiceover celebrates Nobel Prize in Medicine “denouncement”
0:46:19ACC’s Homeland Security police truck identified as Federal Protective Service professional thumb-twiddlers known for tearing around the Pacific Northwest at 80 mph
0:51:13Supreme Court rules in favor of telecommunications companies spying on US citizens; behind-the-scenes producers battling unreported iOS 6 infinite download flaw ignored by tech press
0:57:02Jimmy Savile’s headstone removed in light of Pedobear accusers coming out of the woodwork, “take half the station with me” from Savile’s autobiography; Savile channels “just a flesh wound” Monty Python character in 1970’s interview: “oh, never heard of it in me life!”; Savile a “regular visitor” to Haut de la Garenne school and elsewhere on Isle of Jersey
1:06:40CCTV running The Diaoyu Islands of China documentary daily; Chinese bullet train crew being trained in “walking and standing” with chopsticks in their mouths; slurring Diane Sawyer reports arrest of passenger Yongda Huang Harris with bulletproof vest, suitcase full of weapons and body bags, and “stereotypical long black trench coat”, JCD on Spy Magazine editor’s suitcase full of “grotesque” dildos, Columbine shooter Eric Harris; Noodle Boy revisited
1:17:39Christine LaGarde gives Greece two more years to live, two LaGarde’s List “suicides”, fanfare for Angela Merkel’s arrival in Greece; producer note on obstacles being placed in Croatian public plazas; Obama campaign appropriates Big Bird to mock Mitt Romney
1:28:01Donation Segment
1:58:45Gary Johnson filing antitrust lawsuit over exclusion from debates, sponsorship pullout by Philips, BBH, and YWCA, sketchy Howard G. Buffett Foundation pulling in $6M in election years, JCD on League of Women Voters washing its hands of debates in 1988; Johnson explains his 23% federal consumption tax plan, JCD irked by Koolaid-drinking “mass of tax nuts”
2:10:06Obama repeats nonsense about Internal Revenue Code ยง199(c) “corporate welfare”, ACC: “you’re a lying sack!” (ACCPPotD); upcoming “douchebags round two” with dingbat O’Biden
2:16:11New York Times “Attention Disorder or Not, Pills to Help in School” pushing Adderall
2:22:39ACC reminisces about his occasional “running away from home” episodes, “wandering” as evidence of autism under new CDC guidelines, JCD: “that’s why we put our kids on leashes!”
2:28:00Afghan government about to collapse; Congress warning about “douchebag company” Huawei