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44 Probably a Super Delegate (2008-08-23)

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0:00:27Obama chooses Joe Biden as running mate, proposed $1bn in aid for Georgia, busted for lying about academic credentials in 1987, “not a training ground” ads; Brzezinski behind Obama and Rothschild behind Hillary
0:06:43Another dead superdelegate: Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones taken off life support after aneurysm, JCD story: pickup truck careening around bridge
0:15:58Complaint filed by Philip Berg alleging Obama was born in Kenya, aliases Barry Soetoro & Barry Dunham, Joe Biden distraction for media instead of mass text messaging
0:23:33Obama emergency landing in St. Louis, immediate sketchy report from NTSB, plane used by Clinton campaign, MD-80 crash in Madrid, JCD: “I wonder if there’s any superdelegates aboard”, preferred CIA method, JCD Obama ruse theory
0:34:19Intel wireless power demo, Tesla funding, 1970s microwave power satellites
0:36:28Olympics: Michael Phelps butterfly gold medal controversy, rigged boxing, underage Chinese athletes, JCD on “chokers” worried about families, track & field pulled hamstring, bronze medal for falling down, Phelps’ hundredth of a second, Omega “black boxes”, JCD on Phelps looking like Wallace & Gromit character; hot athletes near-naked, underpaid crappy judges; JCD on unpaid CES speakers; ACC on New Media Expo speaking slots
0:48:21UK economy “shuddered to a halt”; repairing shoes, Europeans buying expensive bags in US because of exchange rate; ACC: hyperinflation on the way; Working Group on Financial Markets “Plunge Protection Team” market manipulators; CNBC head-scratching, Jim Cramer warns against Fannie & Freddie
0:58:23Lackluster WTC Tower Seven report, ACC: “this was clearly, clearly, a pulse energy weapon”, JCD on 2001 elevator retrofit, truthers handing out DVDs, ACC: “the same thing they used in Oklahoma City”, ACC meeting Pleiadian, ice crystallization experiments, 57 alien varieties; Michel Harper’s club 2012 parking lot
1:11:16JCD’s copy of Legacy of Ashes arrives, ACC’s Uncle Don: all true, How to Read a Book
1:14:22British Cops reality show busting men soliciting prostitutes; obese children to be put into protective care, JCD on show with RCMP “rousting drunks”; child pornography and glam rocker Gary Glitter vs bureaucrats; Lisbon Treaty “rights” vs obesity; JCD on Texas YFZ Ranch case CPS battle with courts, war on homeschooling; German and Japanese WWII curricula; CVC seeing through the lies; ACC: Roots could never be aired today; Bill Cosby’s war on Amos & Andy, ACC: “we’re going to Hell in a handbasket”
1:30:36JCD trying to resuscitate old-timey euphemisms like “cripes”, “the wreck of the Hesperus”, “blood on the Moon”, “bunch of crock”
1:34:33FBI tapping cellphones even when turned off, no iPhone battery removal, AT&T T-1000-like reintegration after breakup, enormous San Francisco office “spook central”, Nextel “roving bug” for organized crime investigation, JCD suggests patch to spam eavesdroppers with It’s a Small World After All
1:41:27Small Kansas bank belly-up; ACC on $500T derivatives, China declines Lehman Brothers deal
1:43:32JCD: FBI a good reason to use burner phones, Google Android phone a likely tracker, Google web accelerator spyware
1:45:10Final plans for the Pleiadian meeting, JCD: “have you seen Adam?