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449 Deficit Pending (2012-10-04)

Show 449 album art
0:00:00ACC: “These people are just human pincushions for the United Nations.” (2:12:46)
0:00:35A first with ACC in Washington DC and JCD in Washington state, Ms. Micky’s Emerge Art Fair gig, five-year anniversary coming on October 26, JCD irked at crappy trade show pens
0:04:04“Coincidence” of National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and viral video of TV anchor Jennifer Livingston addressing carefully-worded and probably bogus e-mail taking her to task for being overweight, ACC: “come read my inbox, I’ll show you cruel”, “October is National Anti-Bullying Month”, ACC: “no, it’s not!”, “that man’s words mean nothing to me” lie, “the internet has become a weapon!”; Organization of Islamic Cooperation labeling mischaracterization of Prophet Muhammad “hate speech”, call for UN blasphemy ban
0:19:57Producer Segment
0:28:28Obama soundly thrashed by Romney in presidential debate with stammering Jim Lehrer, ACC tracking tweets from surprised Romney supporters and confused Obama supporters, Lehrer’s “President Obama …… and Governor Romney” brain-freeze, Obama anniversary joke predictably falls flat, Lehrer allows Romney to talk over him, back-to-back “fact of the matter” from Obama, mysterious device or pack of cigarettes under Obama’s jacket; ACC reads list of third and independent parties in the US excluded from debates
0:44:50Possibly wasted Gary Johnson: “I wanna make a pitch that everybody go out and waste their vote on me”; Boston Herald’s Christine McConville confused by C-SPAN caller’s story about MassHealth grabbing elderly patients’ assets, JCD on bizarre scams such as treating long-term patients’ homes as abandoned property
0:55:52Pentagon Asymmetric Warfare Group reference guide on radicalization with flowchart: “complains about bias” and “suddenly acquires weapons” as applied to ACC
1:01:04JCD perplexed at OSHA ignoring deafening Beyond Wonderland rave at Oakland Coliseum
1:05:47Photo of Lucifer Clinton staring at Christina Aguilera’s boobs at McGovern Awards after “I would wanna be on your team” lesbian double entendre, ACC: “she’s a presidential model”
1:08:54IMF economist Oliver Blanchard predicts 2018 recovery; Christine LaGarde tells CBS “there is good news lurking out there” in spite of people who are “still unemployed and who are not even getting benefits because they don’t bother to go and register because they have no hope”
1:14:35Fox News hysterical over “attack” by Chinese hackers on White House computer; No Agenda producers looking for further “Lucy the Luddite” evidence; Ms. Micky fuddles priority ribbon goon with her Southwest A37 boarding pass, “male assist” from out-of-uniform TSA trainee
1:25:10Donation Segment: ACC’s smoke-free month; ACC tries to teach Mimi’s bird “shut up slave”
2:02:15Danny Bonaduce bitten in the face by a “zombie chick or somebody quitting smoking”
2:04:38Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 flashback with new recall of salmonella-tainted peanut butter, FDA website reveals no new registrations are being accepted, Biosurveillance Advisory Committee; ABC “peanut butter products from the one plant” mind control
2:12:25UN pushing elephantiasis vaccine in Haiti; Glenn Beck impressed with US special forces active in 70-75 countries; Democracy Now on 66 countries poised to buy drones from the US; Air Force preparing for autonomous drones; Ms. Micky positive she saw one over the house
2:23:01Obama’s “time to end it!” for domestic production credit discussed on Show 396, ACC: “if you make movies you get this tax break … it’s bullcrap!” (ACCPPotD)
2:26:28Two American Airlines flights disrupted by loose seats, JCD union dispute sabotage theory
2:30:15CNBC World refuses to show “malarkey” official chart of fluctuating Iranian “peso”