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448 Lucy the Luddite (2012-09-30)

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0:00:00ACC: “Aah, we gotta go to a break, qu… ahh, bthlbthlbthlbthlbthlbthlbthlbthl!” (1:13:14)
0:00:33“Carmaggedon II” and National Cybersecurity Awareness Month just in time for George Stephanopoulos to report “the most extensive attack on American banks ever!”, “launched from the Middle East, happening right now” bumper sticker, news package with panicky-sounding Pierre Thomas reporting “potentially millions of customers … blocked”, origin of DoS attack magically pinpointed, blame for Innocence of Muslims, idiot shill Richard Clark trotted out to declare danger of “movin’ money around”, Thomas: “no money has been stolen yet”, producer Mike Smith of Akamai notes to AP the danger of false flags
0:10:16Lucy Napolitano in Cybersecurity Summit Q&A session: Obama’s power to implement Lieberman bill derives from Article II “responsibility to keep the nation secure”, “Congress has had a full opportunity to act”, slips in intellectual property theft, “don’t laugh, but I just don’t use e-mail at all”, JCD: “I don’t believe she knows how to use a computer at all”, “some would call me a Luddite” admission, attempt to terrorize members of Congress in the SCIF
0:27:27Producer Segment: chemtrails!” jingle
0:30:40Producer note on exploiting airport premium line valet service; ABC News follows up on “widespread theft” hit piece on TSA, ACC: “Diane Sawyer got mauled by the TSA!”, ludicrous story of Florida firefighter fessing up to loaded pistol that made it past TSA
0:37:30“Switching to Mumble!” interlude due to poor Skype connection
0:49:22Reporters now chuckling at Jay Carney for persisting in Benghazi lie; Libyans now lining up to turn over leftover guns and grenade launchers
0:52:33Jiggle the handle” and Die Walküre interlude due to poor Mumble connection
1:04:12JCD’s New York Times in wrapper plugging Revenge, promo for “breakout hit” Revolution
1:05:37Pundits predicting a more aggressive Obama in next debate, Ronald Reagan’s “youth and inexperience” zinger against Walter Mondale; pundits examine the daunting task confronting Romney; consultant Ralph Reed cut off by Chuck Todd midway through list of Romney talking points; right-wingers delighted with “everybody in Cleveland low minority got Obama phone, keep Obama in president, you know, he gave us a phone!” viral video, “Romney, he sucks!
1:18:46Euronews on hotly-contested election in Georgia, ACC: “it’ll be Vlad Airport now”
1:22:36JCD’s MIA clip of John Stossel mocking University of North Carolina free speech crackdown; JCD warns against “unschooling” practice; Chicago school’s slave ship simulation
1:28:57Chinese government using The Flowers of War film as anti-Japanese propaganda
1:34:19Donation Segment: JCD getting flak for his NASCAR skepticism
1:59:43Save the Children Untold Atrocities: Stories of Syria’s Children report a slick 18-page “flyer”, David Cameron’s “target practice” fabrication exposed; CNN’s bogus footage of captured chemical weapons, Leon Panetta’s vague “some moves that that have taken place”, Damascus warehouse on Google Earth, Obama “red line”; Benjamin Netanyahu’s magic marker red line on cartoon bomb, New York Times admits Iran is unable to make a single weapon; Washington Institute for Near East Policy shill proposes war with Iran via false flag “crisis initiation”, “Iranian submarines periodically go down, someday one of them might not come up”
2:16:33Bath salts or “smiles” drug potentially involved in murder by actor Johnny Lewis
2:19:29Democracy Now: global warming will kill 100M by 2030; Spanish riots halted by flash flood
2:22:1460 Minutes to explore “green on blue” attacks with Lara Logan and “mad as Hell” Gen. Allen
2:28:21Bay Area “cooling centers” for blazing 91° temperatures; Ganesh Chaturthi for end of show