Call Clooney!

447 Drone Double Tap (2012-09-27)

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0:00:00ACC: “Drone smackdown!” (2:22:39)
0:00:33ACC in Southern California for Ms. Micky’s Art Platform Los Angeles exhibition, JCD talks Nikon vs Canon; Southwest premium line gambit, TSA “first and last name” opt-out with “valet service”; TSA and Loews Hotels colluding to promote Pre✓ biometric scam; possibly bogus story of Republic Airlines flight attendant’s Smith & Wesson Airweight revolver spotted by TSA and fired by Philadelphia police officer trying to unload it, ACC “trial balloon” theory
0:15:07US media ignoring Piers Morgan’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad interview and plan for ending Syrian conflict, turns table on idiotic 9/11 question; CNN liar Ashleigh Banfield twists optimistic words about religious tolerance into “a whole lot of blame for a whole lot of other countries”
0:27:03Al Gore rolls out new “dirty weather” meme to counter global warming misinformation
0:31:15Producer Segment: No Agenda 12 12 12 Super Karma Coin
0:40:375,000-person Facebook birthday party and “coincidental” DVD release of Project X
0:45:26Distraction of the Week: Obama and Bill Clinton weigh in on NFL referee strike; Erin Burnett on college student nearly killed by fraternity “alcohol enema”, JCD irked by inaccurate “as it bypasses the filtering by the liver”, “a movie’s coming out: 3D: the Enema”; ACC in receipt of producer’s North Carolina moonshine, “don’t drink it too fast or there will be trouble”, JCD explores sketchy Junior Johnson legend: “we’re gonna call it NASCAR!”, ACC Red Book: moonshine the next big thing, mojitos in mason jars at Mondrian Hotel with CVC
0:58:10Democracy Now on the plight of former Spanish homeowners: “even when you’re evicted from your home … you still are liable for the entire debt” (CotD), ACC: “and they shoot at you!”; riots extending beyond unions to young people in Spain, molotov cocktails in Greece
1:03:38Compilation of Susan Rice lying about Benghazi terrorist attack; peculiar reference to cartoons depicting “the Prophet Muhammad in an evil way”, ACC’s the King of Pop“ MTV story
1:11:56BBC apologizes to Queen Elizabeth II for revealing her concerns about extradition of cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri to the US; David Cameron fails to explain the meaning of “Magna Carta” to David Letterman; Cameron addresses United Nations with evidence of atrocities in Syria from nonexistent report by Save the Children charity; BBC pundit notes there is no attribution for “alleged atrocities”, JCD draws parallel to US WWI-era anti-German propaganda
1:27:39JCD unable to watch Revolution; Obama hanging out on The View instead of meeting world leaders, Ban Ki-moon’s “stuck in traffic” joke; softball question from Barbara Walters about a Romney presidency; Madonna lets slip “we have a black Muslim in the White House!”
1:33:26Donation Segment: demeaning Glenn Beck Goldline ad; ACC ready for amateur tech exam
2:12:50New “double tap” meme for drone strikes in Pakistan; BBC stops short of calling the practice terroristic; lighthearted NPR piece on “drone smackdown” between national security bloggers; ACC irked at the hypocrisy of Obama’s “true democracy” UN address
2:27:14France considering ban on Monsanto NK603 corn based on possible hit job rat cancer study; Rosanne Barr proposes nationalizing Monsanto as part of her presidential platform; 34,000 criminal drug cases in Massachussetts brought into question due to forensic lab negligence
2:38:38MSNBC political analyst reads carefully-prepared screed against Mitt Romney
2:40:42No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: WHO on alert for sketchy SARS-like coronavirus in Qatari national connected to Erasmus University; more US deaths by suicide than by car crashes
2:47:55“Leaked” EU CleanIT draft prohibiting everything on the internet; Howard Stern minions questioning low-IQ Obama supporters in Harlem for end of show