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446 The Convincables (2012-09-23)

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0:00:00ACC: “I’m gonna get you, Vladimir, I’m gonna get you!” (1:19:31)
0:00:40Ms. Micky’s aristocratic “priority!” for flight from Chicago, JCD’s DIY airport badges
0:04:34Lucy Napolitano blathers about TSA’s “layered approach”: “good intelligence sharing among the federal family”; JCD irked at netting-festooned Seattle car rental facilities miles away from terminal; Napolitano continues with meaningless gems like “very interesting work underway in that regard”; incomprehensible Sen. Daniel Akaka, sycophantic Sen. Joe Lieberman makes special mention of domestic terrorism; iOS 5 demolishing data caps with podcast downloads
0:19:34Producer Segment: ACC proposes Christian jubilee year as election ploy
0:31:58Rep. Mike Turner proposes military protect nuclear fuel stockpiles from 82-year-old nuns
0:33:13JCD notes pejorative “activist” meme; movie theaters burned in Pakistan on “day of love” over drone strikes rather than YouTube video; State Department runs out of bandwidth on propaganda video; Matt Lee grills an uncomfortable Victoria Nuland about “overwhelmingly negative” comments: “that would seem to be a pretty early metric”, restates Nuland’s appeal to “silent majority” as “several million people decided to stay home”
0:41:07Clippity Clop: press conference with smokin’ hot Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar, “what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack”, deep-voiced Khar announces “few hundred megawatts” for Pakistani grid, concerns over “Owanistan” security vacuum; two Egyptians in Canada accused of connection with Innocence of Muslims
0:50:49YouTuber traces film to military contractor Stanley Inc.; FBI interviewing 30 Benghazi survivors at US military base in Germany; bogus Ansar al-Sharia militia rousted from its base in Benghazi; Ulsterman White House Insider implicates mission to recover US weapons in Libya
1:01:42SNL mocks Romney’s “racist” 47% comment; JCD reiterates white voters’ support for Obama; DNC attendees opposed to corporate profits; CNN labeling undecided voters “convincables”; police kill “double amputee in a wheelchair … after threatening officers with a pen” (CotD)
1:12:09Judge denies Innocence of Muslims takedown action against YouTube by actress Cindy Lee Garcia due to lack of written agreement, ACC appalled at JCD’s ignorance of Sally Kirkland
1:16:14Putin kicks off protests in Georgia over staged prison abuse videos, Hillary responds by calling in her Amnesty International buddy Suzanne Nossel to bestow LennonOno Grant for Peace on Pussy Riot “who are in jail for the crime of singing a song”, sellout John Perkins also honored
1:28:08Ecuador considering moving Assange to Sweden; Pakistanis taking a page from US playbook by demanding Nakoula; Pakistan TV State Department infomercial skit
1:33:33Donation Segment: ACC’s Bobbi Eden Fleshlight and possible Chevy Volt “slave car”
2:00:27Dennis Kucinich speaks against H.R.5987 Manhattan Project National Historical Park Act; India tests Agni III ICBM; Scottish independence referendum vs “welfare state”; NYPD terror drills on Boardwalk Empire set since 1920 Atlantic City is a “realistic environment”
2:09:12“Joker” shooter James Holmes’ new appearance due to new medication or new actor
2:11:184,000-person birthday party “accidentally” marked public on Facebook; Hillary promotes globalist Mashable Social Good Summit; JPMorgan Chase and BoA slowdowns blamed on Iran
2:23:03Drunk or not drunk Lucy Napolitano: internet “a facilitator” for terrorists “motivated by motivations”; former NSA Matthew Olsen talks about “AQ Core” with one side of his mouth; FBI’s Kevin Perkins whines about hackers; Lucy describes “contours” of draft executive order
2:37:18White House CTO Todd Park’s “you jujitsu it, if you will, right?” plan for government data; Richard Stallman on internet censorship for end of show