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445 Insider Attacks (2012-09-20)

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0:00:00JCD: “Zuck! Zuck Zuck Zuck!” (1:34:18)
0:00:31ACC sounding “tinny” on his single-machine setup in downtown Chicago, Cusp Conference at Museum of Contemporary Art with Deadly Spin author Wendell Potter and comedians sent to India on State Department grant; Ms. Micky headed to Los Angeles for exhibition, ACC attempting to get on Joe Rogan’s show, JCD alarmed by ACC’s two offers of Haldol
0:10:04Red Book Balochistan prediction comes to pass in war for independence from Pakistan; 200k-person ghost city abandoned by China in Libya; anti-Japan “flatten Tokyo” demonstrations in Beijing, JCD Red Book: Japan forced to apologize for Rape of Nanking
0:18:23Pioneer Balloon Company COO links helium shortage to low natural gas prices
0:22:47Producer Segment
0:28:38ECB banking takeover rejected by Germany and Sweden in Cyprus meeting
0:33:22US farmers facing herbicide-resistant “superweeds”, Dow’s new corn with resistance to Agent Orange ingredient 2,4-D; Dennis Kucinich bashes Monsanto for interfering with GMO labeling
0:39:49William and Kate confronted with topless dancers in Solomon Islands, France protecting identity of photographer; BBC commentator goaded into condemning Prophet Mohammed cartoons published by satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo
0:45:38Romney’s undercover video “47 percent of the people” comment from May resurrected in time for election, Soledad O’Brien twists subsequent “those people” comment into a racial slur
0:54:43CNN belatedly admits “paying people to protest is fairly common in Egypt”
0:55:43Idiotic Clip of the Day from The New Normal
0:56:23Donation Segment
1:18:48Department of Justice resignations precipitated by scathing OIG Operation Fast and Furious report, statement from Eric Holder gripes about “baseless accusations”; CBC chuckles at FBI entrapment of Chicago teen Adel Daoud in bomb plot, JCD: “is this guy stupid enough to fall for this, Bill?”, anonymous producer note on one FBI lawyer per hundred agents
1:25:42“Fact check!” meme identifiable worldwide, “multi-culty” Soledad O’Brien and Natali Del Conte at Mevio; O’Brien rolls out “I have the speech right here” to counter douchebag Rep. Peter King griping about Obama’s “apology tour” in Egypt, “I don’t care what Fact Check says!”; millennial sentence-ending “fact!” and Mark Zuckerberg’s Silicon Valley “right?”
1:34:59Afghanistan “green on blue” phenomenon rebranded as “insider attacks”; Don Lemon introduces CNN interview with “a man who claims to be responsible for a green on blue attack”
1:39:19Yosemite hantavirus outbreak blamed on Curry Village mice, ACC blames Ahwahnee Hotel
1:43:25John McCain and “dipshit senator” Kelly Ayotte attack Mike Mullen for advocating peace with Iran in Israel, ACC: “his bris is scheduled for this weekend”; RT quotes Netanyahu: Iran “six to seven months away from having 90% of what it would need to create an atomic bomb”
1:49:36Boy Scouts of America accused of covering up child sex abuse cases in 1970s through 1990s
1:52:03Richard Branson assures Bloomberg that economic recovery is right around the corner
1:55:40Hillary Clinton “it’s almost too delicious to believe, my friends” (CotD)
1:57:04Russia evicts USAID economic hit men; Hezbollah in Lebanon blaming US spy agencies for Innocence of Muslims; CNN pundit on need to “balance” free speech and national security
2:05:06Spanish rail strike over privatization plans; JCD’s free money plan, ACC predicts $60 silver based on JPMorgan Chase investigation, JCD recommends The International
2:17:26Libyan groups rejecting democracy as incompatible with Islam, JCD on rise of EU fascism