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444 New Red Line (2012-09-16)

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0:00:00JCD: (drunk voice) “Hey, I know it’s early morning here but what the heck …” (1:37:24)
0:00:36New anti-populism meme on the left; Prince Harry unscathed in Southern Afghanistan
0:02:32ACC irked at flag-draped caskets of Benghazi victims trotted out for Obama-Clinton photo op; Democracy Now smears Innocence of Muslims producer Nakoula Basseley Nakoula; Hillary admits to having a “difficult week” due to “awful internet video that we had nothing to do with!”; Obama weekly address: “for every angry mob there are millions who yearn for the freedom and dignity and hope that our flag represents”, JCD’s definition of yearning: “it involves sighing”; Don Lemon propagates “amateur hour video clip … that the government had nothing to do with”, Johns Hopkins shill’s article “Why Is the Arab World So Easily Offended?”; Nakoula’s Invisible Man perp walk for “possible probation violations”
0:18:15Jay Carney gripes about “reprehensible and disgusting” video; ACC timeline with Netanyahu and Romney advisors Brent Scowcroft and Mike Leavitt; John McCain gripes about Obama snubbing Netanyahu, Joe Scarborough flubs “bringing this stragedy, tragedy” and McCain reveals “obviously it did not play out, as, as, clearly, they had…” ACC: “as planned, as planned, say it!”; John Bolton mocks administration’s belief that “people who tweet will be the new leaders” in Egypt, “countries where the armies wear jackboots” blame YouTube videos
0:40:13ABC News reports Twitter flame war between Muslim Brotherhood and US embassy in Cairo; douchebag John Kerry: “write slavery out of the Constitution”, Tahrir Square “a bunch of young people with smartphones tweeting each other and Googling!”; BBC lets slip that Cairo protests are driven by anti-police sentiment; Salafist hard-liners in Tunisia, JCD on Osama bin Laden’s Sufi connections; “local residents enjoy the fine summer weather and have a barbie” in Antwerp after earlier “unauthorized demonstration”; Romney to George Stephanopoulos: Ahmadinejad should be indicted for “incitation” under “the Genocide Convention”
0:57:20Netanyahu’s litany of Iran “red zone” football metaphors on Meet the Press, parallel between nonexistent Iranian suicide bombers and Benghazi, ambiguous 9/11 reference; BBC applies “red line” meme to topless photos of Kate Middleton, JCD: “she really has a terrific butt!”
1:03:12Producer Segment
1:13:05Romney’s refusal to release tax returns likely due to refusal to tithe 10%
1:15:00University of Texas Austin bomb scare, FBI busts fake “car bomb” patsy in Chicago; The Telegraph on exercises in Strait of Hormuz with Israel and Iran on “brink of war”
1:21:10Middleton photos linked to Princess Diana, “they should have cameras on them the way the public has cameras on them in England 24/7!” (JCDPPotD); BBC “expert analysis”
1:26:41British man found guilty for “all soldiers should die and go to Hell” on Facebook; Texas woman arrested for letting her children play outside, ACC’s childhood summons via bosun’s whistle
1:32:03Donation Segment
1:47:00Gimme the Gig “state of the art Ford Focus Studio”; Kia Soul and Hyundai Sonata reviews
1:53:12Draft of Obama “unity of effort” cybersecurity executive order handing the internet to DHS
2:00:24Anti-austerity march in Spain; “pooling of sovereignty” ESM plan; Nigel Farage accepts Jörg Leichtfried’s proposal to “say something new”; Troika announces Greek island leasing plan
2:10:11Gimme the Gig “Sue” song; Democracy Now botch; Chicago Social Justice HS vs AP classes
2:20:25Finland receipt mandate, Greek cash registers sending VAT directly to government; Minyanville “the Ben Bernank” cartoon; Bernanke lets slip “declines in participation” in job market
2:28:53Democracy Now claims Romney will save Sheldon Adelson “two biwwion dollars in taxes”