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443 Bad Actors (2012-09-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s not enough and it will do nothing.” (2:02:52)
0:00:32JCD channels David Letterman with reference to something in the pre-stream
0:00:53Innocence of Muslims film and October Surprise “assassination” of Amb. Chris Stevens in Benghazi Libya; irked Lucifer Clinton distances herself from blame for “inflammatory material posted on the internet”; BBC teases story with “tidbit” of information about 1979 death of Amb. Adolph Dubs, ABC Nightline’s idiotic uninterrupted coverage of Iranian Hostage Crisis, Reagan October Surprise conspiracy theory; BBC tastelessly segues from Hillary to “killed for being gay!”, anti-Muslim movie an amateurish diversion, possible intelligence agency war; MSNBC host giggles at victim Sean Smith’s Eve Online alter ego “Vile rat”; Anderson Pooper announces “drones airborne!” in Libya; surprise victory of US-educated Mustafa Abu Shagur over Mahmoud Jibril; John McCain eulogizes Stevens’ cappuccino-making prowess; drunk or not drunk Joe Lieberman defends Libyan government, Marxist “wrong side of history” meme
0:23:09Hillary Clinton obsesses over “the video … that has led to these protests”, repeats “the United States government had absolutely nothing to do with this video, we absolutely reject its content”, JCD botched kidnapping theory; confused journalist: Muslim Brotherhood “calling for demonstrations… against denouncing religion, or…”; Romney’s role in Hillary’s 2016 strategy
0:35:26Examples of hilariously ham-handed dubbing from Innocence of Muslims: “is the messenger of God… gay??”, ACC: “this is like, a first-year AFI student movie, and then you fail”; Islam: the Untold Story documentary cancelled by UK Channel 4 due to threats
0:47:23Australian police investigating “vile Twitter attack” on rugby player Robbie Farah’s late mother; anti-bullying campaign on The X Factor; The New Normal obnoxious stereotypes
0:52:04Producer Segment: JCD teases 3D printing of firearms, “über Oompa Loompa mode” episode
1:02:29Breaking news: “mobs” in Iran, Yemen, Egypt, and Libya
1:03:50CIA whistleblower Susan Lindauer on being threatened with “chemical lobotomy” with Haldol, Ativan, and Prozac, ACC: “this sounds great!”, JCD: “I’m not bathing you any more, Adam!”; Erin Burnett uses No Easy Day by Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette to promote Ambien
1:14:07Amy Goodman butchers “Benyamin Nentanyahu” and “controversial confitrifi… controversial contr… ah, conviction”; Ulsterman White House Insider: Netanyahu irked by “we don’t need you” from Obama; PBS on “increasing tension” between US and Israel ahead of election; new “wishy-washy” meme being used against Obama administration on TheBlaze network
1:24:14PBS children’s show “idiotic clip of the day”; Salton Sea blamed for foul odor in Los Angeles
1:27:05Donation Segment
1:42:33ECB “banking Gestapo” poised for EU-wide takeover; Germany on the hook for $190bn of $600bn ESM bailout; José Manuel Barroso calls for “sharing of sovereignty”, “each shitizen”, need for a new treaty to give banks more power; Barroso rails against evil populists and Nigel Farage blasts his “obscene definition of democracy”, “we were only given the chance to vote for one candidate!”; MEP Daniel Hannon; “inviolability” of ESM documents and personnel
2:02:57JCD on the inevitable US economic collapse cycle, gold-induced 1850s depression
2:14:30Gary Johnson fighting GOP to get on the ballot in all 50 states
2:18:06Obama leaves stage to Bruce Springsteen “knockin’ on the door that holds the throne” lyric
2:22:30Rand Paul proposes freeze on all aid to Pakistan over imprisonment of Dr. Shakil Afridi
2:24:26Leah McGrath Goodman on Isle of Jersey pedophile scandal imperiling entire UK government
2:30:45FISA warrantless wiretaps and 9/11 state of emergency renewed; Romney tax return theories