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442 Zombie Webinar (2012-09-09)

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0:00:00JCD: “Is the Stargate in the water?” (1:44:45)
0:00:32Google in the wine business with purchase of Zagat, Bing resurrecting “Pepsi challenge” ads
0:04:40Producer Segment: producer calls KQED with an “in the morning” PR plug
0:14:25C-SPAN contaminated with Politico content and advertising; White House claims dismal unemployment numbers are “further evidence that the US economy is continuing to recover”, JCD reiterates need for 150,000 new jobs per month as “zero line”, scam of previous months’ jobs numbers being continually adjusted down, “the government is lying” divergence with U-6 numbers on ShadowStats; ultra-rich Democrats in Austin who would never have dinner with a Republican all-in on Obama’s “you didn’t build that”; insane former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm at Democratic National Convention: “in 2009 the cavalry arrived, and our new President Barack Obama came in!”, JCD contrasts bankruptcy and going out of business
0:37:19ACC on Bill Clinton’s teleprompter mastery, JCD’s sleeping Tech TV teleprompter operator, Obama’s amateurish “go ahead and move it up”; “Planned Parented” head Cecile Richards accuses Romney of trying to get rid of the organization and kill military wives, “any more help from Mitt Romney and I’m gonna have to take in ironing”; competing theories on John Boehner’s bogus “in the eye of the chair the yeas have it” RNC voice vote
0:54:2233-page paper Motivated Rejection of Science demonizing “conspiracist ideation”; ACC irked at hostility toward children on airplanes; JCD tip: “you’re stereotyping” as rhetorical tactic
1:07:48Idiot host explains NASA “the set of Apollo 13” comment as “the 1970 effort to save the three astronauts during the failed moon mission” after astronauts repair ISS with a toothbrush
1:13:49Climategate: BBC predicts “a summer with no ice at all” in Greenland after pointing out similar changes have taken place in the past due to natural causes
1:18:13ACC’s surfer dude Taylor Swift audition contrasted with zombie-like final product
1:23:10Donation Segment
1:37:25ACC soliciting Haldol donations, Italian “sudden death” disclaimer; ACC’s lack of smoking cessation-related personality changes, JCD: “why don’t you slam a few highballs instead?”
1:42:49Seattle residents mystified by persistent humming sound, ACC: “I personally believe it is the sound of the Stargate opening”, bullcrap local report implicates mating midshipman fish
1:48:04Bizarre ad for Dish Network calling DirecTV a “con job”, ACC’s outrageous $240 cable bill; ACC struggling to watch Boss with Kelsey Grammer and subpar cast; Two Broke Girls anti-USPS propaganda; ACC shocked at cost of sending FedEx overnight letters; GE lands $26.5bn in Pentagon contracts, X-ray division headquarters moving from Wisconsin to Beijing
1:59:41FEMA “community preparedness webinar series” resurrecting CDC zombie meme; audio of passenger refusing retaliatory TSA drink screening; $1bn FBI facial recognition pilot using Facebook API, ACC: “draw a third eye”, JCD story: trying to trick system at trade show
2:11:55New Portuguese austerity measures crippling the working class; Mario Monti calls for special European summit to address rising tides of populism, “populist” as code for Nazi
2:19:53Obama dodges CNN questions about drone strikes: sketchy “what is absolutely true” preamble, requirement that targets are “authorized by our laws” and “serious”, ACC: “you, Mr. President, are a fucking pussy!” for dodging question about personal responsibility, “legal justification” for droning Americans; ACC’s post-9/11 “confusing bullcrap language” timeline
2:33:51EU ministers meeting in Cyprus agree to Syria sanctions; US-Russia Antarctica agreement
2:38:24France 24 on The Economist article on the rise of the Asian welfare state