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441 Poison Wheat (2012-09-06)

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0:00:00ACC: “But will it make the collapse easier?” JCD: “Oh, yeah!” (1:58:06)
0:00:35Donations down due to Labor Day coinciding with ACC’s birthday
0:01:48US Airways flight diverts back to Philadelphia after FBI receives bogus liquid explosives tip, TSA coincidentally now dunking litmus paper into overpriced drinks; JCD irked by Southwest passengers unnecessarily lining up an hour before boarding, “pile of Trader Joe bags” at Monterey Foods, “do not look a baboon in the eyes in the wild” strategy for evading TSA spot checks, mysterious bag check with “gun” and flash of light, Blogger Bob claims test strips are not dipped in drinks, ACC plans to blame Tourette’s for dumping drink on TSO’s feet
0:13:40Producer note on “B-52” chemical restraint consisting of Haldol, Ativan, and Benadryl
0:16:46Producer Segment
0:24:07Producers note White House’s amateur “crap beer” recipe; beer fluoride web page
0:28:21RT on Montreal Quebec shooting as symptom of wider French-English divisions; France 24 on┬áPauline Marois steering clear of secessionist rhetoric, students “watching, waiting warily”
0:33:28EU Troika considering six-day work week in Greece; Haiku Herman attempts to find “root cause” of interlocking EU crises, JCD: “isn’t it him?”, misattributes Einstein with H. L. Mencken’s “for every problem there is a solution that is clear and simple and wrong”; Dutch PM Mark Rutte promises to cut off Greek aid; Spanish banks drained of money; Maria Bartiromo introduces Kim Kardashian as “major shareholder in a public company” BLBK Boldface Group penny stock on OTCMKTS bulletin board system, JCD: “hey Adam, can you break a twenty?”, ACC: “this is why Armageddon is upon us”; conflict of interest in GE’s latest gargantuan Pentagon contract, government-business cooperation as definition of fascism
0:50:24God and Jerusalem hastily added to platform at Democratic National Convention vie rigged “let me do that again” voice vote, horribly-made-up Debbie Wasserman Schultz doing damage control; closet Republican on pool feed shooting “people who are drooling”; former governor Jim Hunt’s troubling “government’s the only thing we all belong to”; black church sermon from overly made-up Bill Clinton, Medicare will “grow broke in 2016” gaffe; Pelosi “we must grow the economy from the middle elf”, ACC’s “shut up slave” for socialist-leaning Ms. Micky
1:09:06DNC roll call with CC Goldwater and rant about GOP’s “extremism of Ayn Rand”; MTV Video Music Awards scheduled for final night; RT needles Hillary about her stop in China; #Hillary2016 trending during Bill’s speech; Hillary ultimately headed to APEC Forum in Vladivostok in Obama’s stead; video of Putin flying ultralight with Siberian cranes
1:26:44Overhyped organic food meta-study, JCD irked at California egg licensing as war on chicken
1:35:14Donation Segment
1:48:36Bill Clinton lies “there are already more than three million jobs open and unfilled”, JCD on bogus job postings companies keep open, “saved or created” morphing into “created”; analysis of JCD’s $10T “print more money!” proposal, ACC: “can we take it from the bankers?”
1:58:44Ron Paul on impossibility of a third-party run; Mark Rutte promises “banen, banen, en banen
2:01:57Cincinnati journalist Ben Swann interviews lying Obama about NDAA and drone kill list, “first of all you’re basing this on reports in the news that have never been confirmed by me”
2:12:17Egypt forming coalition to address Syria crisis; “slow death” in Syrian refugee camps; RT bashes Western media coverage; useless exchange of the day “I’m supah!”
2:20:07FBI Apple ID breach vs Facebook data collection; ACC vetoes Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
2:27:36Dr. William Davis on GMO “poison wheat”; 1983 V based on Sinclair Lewis; Indian “yip yip