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440 It Can’t Happen Here (2012-09-02)

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0:00:00JCD: “Tongue that sticks out of the mouth.” ACC: “I gotta get me some of this!” (2:30:29)
0:00:37ACC’s eyesight restored after five days of no smoking, Sinclair Lewis’ It Can’t Happen Here comparable to Atlas Shrugged in content if not page count; Penn State bans Neil Diamond’s creepy Sweet Caroline from football games due to “reaching out, touching me, touching you” lyrics, ACC: “sweet Caroline, or Bob, or Pete, whatever your name is! … it’s a pedo-anthem!”
0:10:35New “fact check!” meme infecting Gitmo Lowlands elections; Clint Eastwood mocked for promoting his new movie Trouble With the Curve with ad-lib empty chair comedy act, “rambling one-sided conversation” supposedly referred to as “Eastwooding” according to Euronews
0:19:18ACC imitates both parties whining; JCD unimpressed by The Postman, “no homeless trash will stop the mail” oath, proposal for vaccines by mail; The Newsroom anti-GOP propaganda
0:30:44Lawrence “Larry” O’Donnell on Mitch McConnell’s “racial double entendre” with Obama and Tiger Woods; Michelle Malkin’s Condensed Liberal Handbook of Racial Code Words including “angry”, “Chicago”, and “Constitution”; O’Donnell’s racist “without a shadow of a doubt”
0:39:33Obama accuses GOP of “an agenda that was better suited for the last century … you might as well have watched it on a black and white TV”; Twitter’s bought-and-paid-for “trending” hashtags; Ask Adam: Obamacare “saving lives” before it goes into effect, and “the economy’s not doing good” anguished English (CotD), magic number 33,000 troops returning from Afghanistan, JCD’s “Betty Boop audience” for rousing finale; 25-foot Obama sand sculpture being built for Democratic National Convention, JCD: “looks like a psycho!”
0:52:39Ron Paul advisor Doug Wead expresses regret for not calling Romney’s threats; prognosticator Peter Schiff: Medicare and Social Security “giant Ponzi schemes” with collapse coming in next administration, JCD’s predicted collapse “ideally” occurring in October 2013
1:01:36Producer Segment: No Agenda Global Radio site design competition
1:11:3223-year-old former Marine shoots coworkers at New Jersey grocery store, prosecutor notes AK-47 with “multiple magazines” and generic pistol, “I believe everybody in the store was a target” based on no evidence; shooter’s mind-controlled neighbor: “it’s an AK-47, it’s a military weapon, like you said… like I said”; next day’s Executive Order 13625 Improving Access to Mental Health Services for Veterans, Service Members, and Military Families
1:31:20The Amateur author Edward Klein explains why Hillary turned down VP offer, Obama camp trying to find out what Bill is writing for DNC; pervy ICE Chief of Staff Suzanne Barr resigns
1:41:15Romney-Ryan “great question” for Mark Halperin from Charlie Rose (JCDPPotD)
1:42:49Donation Segment: rainstick for Colorado; ACC’s hydroxy booster revisited
2:07:15C-SPAN’s new Andy Carvin “Jeremy the social media specialist” monitoring WWE partner shill network Taint Tout with infographics; Roger McGuinn unimpressed by chatroom
2:21:13Audio-only tape of BBC Apollo 11 coverage recorded by 12-year-old boy comes to light
2:24:19Thalidomide manufacturer Grünenthal finally apologizes; CIA whistleblower Susan Lindauer threatened with antipsychotic zombie drug Haldol, Pat Tillman assassination theory, list of side effects including “fine wormlike tongue movement” and “seeing everything with a brown tint”; California S.1172 conversion therapy ban; ear piercing as child abuse in Germany
2:40:36Angela Merkel at Airbus factory in China; hantavirus hit job on Curry Village in Yosemite
2:45:46State Department internet freedom workshop; Haiti aid organizations cut and run due to lack of funds (ACCPPotD); US military halts Afghan training program, $100M permanent base
2:49:33White House responds promptly to We the People petition for crappy “corn sugar” beer recipe