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43 Almost Live From GitmoNation (2008-08-17)

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0:00:16Gitmo Nation West and Gitmo Nation East; listener on “Dvorak playing Sculley to Adam’s Mulder”, “even the reptilians, they work for us”
0:02:07ACC advised not to destroy passport RFID chip, “they know me by now”, M for “match” for “evil Adam” in Nebraska, JCD: “let’s find him and find out who he is”
0:08:37NATO-style US-Canada military agreement; Russia-Georgia conflict, bogus Russian passport story, South Ossetia citrus-growing region, Saakashvili’s bogus ending corruption claim, Dutch cameraman killed in shelling, BBC video of Saakashvili eating his tie by EU flag, sex maniac rumors; Pravda headline Is Condoleezza Rice Stupid?; Georgian troops in US camo, Obama flip-flop to the anti-Russia side, “Russia started it” meme
0:23:45Fox News cuts off mother and daughter thanking Russa and condemning Saakashvili, ACC recommends Fox & Friends, Fox staff crying over Republican loss; Fairness Doctrine rumblings, ISP-sanctioned web site rumor; simultaneous bloodless coup in Mauritania, source of oil & minerals for China; President George W. Bush Street in Tbilisi; troubles in Nigeria; nukes for Poland agreement; ACC Russia-China provocation theory
0:35:57Drunk-looking Bush at Olympics, refused invitation to China from ambassador Bush 41
0:38:09Dinner at Larkspur Steakhouse, “exaggerated flavor”, Tasting Panel Magazine: tap water is in, Caimas 2005 Cabernet, cantaloupe sorbet and Calvados
0:48:37CVC’s trip to Disneyland Paris, winds up at Boissy-Saint-L├ęger at 1:30 am with dying cell phone, ACC shouting for French speaker at office
0:55:01Not allowed into Virgin Atlantic lounge with Virgin America ticket, international carriers not legally able to do domestic flights, JCD $50 upgrade to first class; ACC’s disappearing bag, “some pole dancers, perhaps?”, custom forms for watches and cameras, ACC ponders how cheap heroin from Afghanistan makes it past border protections
1:06:17Economic collapse in Spain, rumors of US defaulting on loans, British pound takes a beating against dollar, “five hundred thousand new flats”
1:11:30John Edwards’ finance director Fred Barron’s son Andrew producer of Rocketboom
1:14:16DoJ disclosing more information about evidence against Bruce Ivins, listener feedback on acetaminophen danger, British duplicate product ban meme
1:16:40Clinton friend Arkansas Democrat leader Bill Gwatney murdered, Clinton body count, Mena Arkansas, Gwatney a superdelegate, convention roll call vote, conspiracy theorist “CT mode”, Lynn Forester de Rothschild all-in on Hillary; feedback on Obama hecklers being booed
1:27:15ACC erratum: England-Europe land bridge long predated Romans
1:28:32Four Bill Clinton bodyguards killed in Waco, Hillary staffer taking Waco files
1:31:01Tom Clancy Ghost Recon 2008 Georgia trailer clip, protests over free Ubisoft America’s Army as indoctrination, Last Starfighter-style
1:37:07ACC: “wow, you haven’t called me crackpot once so far, John”, new “nutter” theory