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439 Struggling Masses (2012-08-30)

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0:00:00ACC: “I’m like the canary in the coal mine here.” JCD: “Well, yeah, somethin’.” (0:42:06)
0:00:34ACC’s non-boring C-SPAN hijacked by Republican National Convention; ACC suffering blurred vision due to smoking cessation; Ms. Micky’s upcoming Los Angeles art exhibition and ACC’s upcoming “TED without the stigma” Cusp Conference talk in Chicago
0:10:51New York Times front page with Paul Ryan in Hell, #RNC2012 sold to the highest bidder, promoted #BelieveInAmerica exploited by marijuana advocates; CVC’s picture ID catch-22 precipitated by stolen passport, “the guy who can pick up the phone and call presidents” Uncle Don unable to do a thing with the current departments of Homeland Security and State; Seal Team Six being used in attempt to “swiftboat” Obama over bin Laden chronology
0:23:46JCD’s RNC applause clip; elitist bigot Ann Romney: “it’s the moms of this nation — single, married, widowed — who really hold this country together”, “there are my favorite fans down there”; audio feed cuts out on Wolf Blitzer discussing with Rand Paul legality of screwing his father out of his delegates; Ron Paul in Tampa on media as part of military industrial complex
0:38:27ACC accused of being a Republican Holocaust denier after TWiT moon landing debacle, JCD recommends Sinclair Lewis & John Dos Passos, ACC notes crazy veterans are always white
0:47:49Tom Brokaw gripes in CNN Red Chair interview about White House Correspondents’ Dinner journalists vying for Kardashian selfies; Yahoo News bureau chief David Chalian fired for hot mic comment that Republicans are “happy to have a party with black people drowning”
0:53:02Producer Segment: Big Thinkers hats and No Agenda lanyards for the homeless
1:10:50Ask Adam: Euronews piece on Reading Festival with incomprehensible Florence and the Machine lyrics; JCD spots Pussy Riot poster in Los Angeles; arresting officer bitten by Garry Kasparov, official Reuters pronunciation “Pussy Riot”, JCD: “now I sound like Oprah”
1:19:30“Shut up, slave” from douchebag Mike Bloomberg when asked about Empire State Building shooting; Law & Order: SVU: “this study equates gun violence with an infectious disease”
1:24:46RT on BBC taking down video of Free Syrian Army forcing prisoner to drive truck bomb toward checkpoint; RT on EU austerity leading to cheaper goods for the “struggling masses”; “Syrian pig” Foreign Minister Walid Muallem a clone of John Goodman
1:31:26Spraying West Nile virus mosquitos in drought-stricken New York; NOAA’s Jane Lubchenco assures Diane Rehm “weather is not climate” vs Al Gore “linking these extreme weather events around the world to the climate crisis”, July “the hottest month ever measured”; $17M Gates Foundation grant for “Establishing an Anti-Vaccine Surveillance and Alert System”
1:41:4839 killed in explosion and fire at Venezuela’s largest oil refinery
1:43:56Donation Segment: ACC banned from TWiT by Leo Laporte
2:05:59Insincere-sounding Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño at RNC
2:09:15Scripted interview between arrested veteran Brandon J. Raub by his lawyer John Whitehead: “excuse me, yes, a metaphor, exactly”, ACC: “he forgot his line”, “1369” label from Marine Corps producers, bogus “decorated Marine”; “Fear militia” assassination false flag
2:21:24Wolf Blitzer aghast at two RNC attendees throwing peanuts at black CNN camerawoman; JCD on FEAR militia’s Isaac Aguigui coincidentally showing up in 2008 RNC photo
2:28:09Two Wall Street Journal dingbats discuss using positive affirmations as computer passwords
2:30:09Big pharma using subsidiaries to dominate the generic drug market; JCD summarizes Apple-Samsung lawsuit as proof that the two are essentially the same, parallel with MP3s and RIAA
2:36:18Poorly-edited NHK report on Romney voters vs those who “bought into” Obama’s promises