Call Clooney!

438 Social Media Weapons (2012-08-26)

Show 438 album art
0:00:00ACC: “This is Taylor Swift!” (2:04:24)
0:00:32JCD’s new cowbell inspired by ACC’s “legendary” Daily Source Code cowbell; banner “The Common Law is the Will of Mankind”; producer’s No Agenda Spanish lesson based on CBP command guide, official machine gun sound effect; JCD’s evergreen clip of the day “that looks great”; rainstick misses Silicon Valley and heads toward RNC
0:07:52Republican National Committee screws Ron Paul out of his delegates, C-SPAN runs B-roll speeches to fill Hurricane Isaac delay; JCD explains news package production process, CNN package on Tampa strip clubs catering to Republicans: “I’ll work as long as my body can take it”; Wolf Blitzer: “the other serious concern: anarchists!”, obligatory footage of desert IED explosion, “extremists” at Pittsburgh G20, Secret Service showing off secret communication center, computer-generated Anonymous voice, lame “no specific threat” epilogue
0:20:29Wired “Danger Room” reveals DARPA cyberwarfare “Plan X”; a somewhat clueless-sounding Gen. Richard Mills blabs about “social media weapons” and “streamlining video” on “the YouTube”, Somali communications technology “burning stack of tires”
0:29:06“If you see something say something” fails with 2009 911 call exposing NYPD safe house; North Carolina schools using slogan in anti-bullying campaign; BBC trots out “third mass shooting” meme for Empire State Building murder; Ray Kelly admits nine bystanders were injured by trigger-pumping NYPD cops; “witness” recalls “all the bodies laid out”; Fox News witness “Jackie” changes her story from stepping over victim to offering aid; shooter Jeffrey Johnson gunned down after producing a pistol; BBC laments the “scourge of gun control”
0:42:02BBC “unverified footage” of 200 bodies from Syrian opposition; UN monitors leaving Damascus hotel in expensive Toyotas; BBC gushes over stolen “souped-up Audi RS 5” vs BMWs
0:50:29Producer Segment
0:59:30“Useless dialogue of the day” for the B-block: “it could be!”; “asymmetric warfare” meme for heavily-armed Iranian speedboats; CNBC discusses Israel-Iran “conflict trades”; new Romney meme “North American oil independence”; two Pussy Rioters tweeting “escape” from Russia video with Bill Nye the Science Guy makes preposterous claim “denial of evolution is unique to the United States”; JCD on federal government’s war on cheese, pro- and anti-GMO battle over organic labels, old ladies balancing checkbooks at Monterey Foods
1:27:03Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act squeezing $299M in one-time fees out of generic drug manufacturers; Humira “new or worsening heart failure” ad
1:39:47Donation Segment: Sixty-nine Sixty-nine Dudes! jingle; ACC’s Taylor Swift audition
2:06:55USA series White Collar: “Stargate, MKULTRA, the Space Shuttle”; new Tom Arnold film Hit and Run with clever banter promoting HPV vaccine (BCotD); 1980 Italian Cannibal Holocaust fake snuff film; man kicked off Delta Airlines flight by pilot over TSA “BOMB ZOMG” shirt, JCD story: similar fuss over “things that make my dick hard” shirt
2:15:24New York Times video on NSA whistleblower William Binney’s exposure of Stellar Wind domestic surveillance program; 2010 TIME with FBI director Robert Mueller lurking around Facebook offices; Binney: “you build social networks for everybody” and construct a timeline
2:22:06Ret. Gen. Peter Chiarelli pushing for removal of “disorder” from PTSD, big pharma shills, featuring Vinny Guadagnino, JCD: “bottomless pit of crap”
2:36:20Gen. John Allen blames “green on blue” on Ramadan fast; Ms. Micky and the French actress
2:40:29Skit mocking Greenpeace activists sprayed by Gazprom water cannon live on Democracy Now