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437 Swasselnuff (2012-08-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “I just grew hair in my eyes!” (1:27:46)
0:00:31Lubbock County Judge Tom Head predicts “civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe” and UN troops if Obama is reelected in order to justify tax hike to hire more police
0:05:52Nothing to See Here: shitstorm over Rep. Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment; MP George Galloway analyzes post-consensual sex rape allegations against Julian Assange, Law & Order husband and wife scenarios; Obama’s scripted comment “rape is rape” with immediate segue to women’s healthcare, incongruous “forcible rape versus non-forcible rape”
0:18:53BBC characterizes as “slightly naughty” naked photos of Prince Harry playing strip billiards in Las Vegas, ACC: “I’m pretty sure this was a gay orgy”
0:24:18Hot Pockets 2009 Tour: rainstick-induced lightning and hail in Clovis New Mexico
0:34:34Producer Segment
0:39:54Administration dragging its feet on calls for EPA to waive 10% ethanol mandate due to spike in corn prices, ACC Red Book: Celanese gets go-ahead to convert natural gas into ethanol
0:56:55JCD’s failed gunfire evergreen; 11-year-old arrested in Pakistan for blasphemy, US media omitting the fact that she has Down syndrome; DoJ list of “targeted disabilities” for preferential treatment in hiring “people with severe intellectual disability” and dwarfism
1:04:12Deadly sectarian violence in Tripoli Lebanon; a “laughable” Leon Panetta deploys carrier USS John C. Stennis to the Middle East four months early with ironic “as we start a draw-down process” address, “when the world calls, we have to respond”, JCD: “hello, world here!
1:10:23Lame RT propaganda on the “state of American empire”; ACC contacted by hot KGB agent “Sarah”; Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova’s husband Pyotr Verzilov marvels at “amazing international outcry” to Erin Burnett; ACC on precursor group Voina accusing Verzilov of being a police informer; bearded lesbian musician JD Samson graces Democracy Now with a reading of Punk Prayer: Mother of God Drive Putin Away; JCD on AndroGel as lesbian bed death preventative, ACC: “oh my God, John, what’ve you been doing with your time?”
1:30:04Panic in Assam over local conflict amplified by techno-experts; State Department announces gas for India from Turkmenistan; Indian PM Singh called on to resign over coal scandal
1:37:06Donation Segment: Gwen Ifill’s omits crucial Todd Akin story detail; $69.69 swasselnuff
2:06:12“New kind of swine flu” at state fairs; CDC reports “troubling trend” with five-shot whooping cough vaccine wearing off after a few years, JCD: “this is nothing more than more government corruption!” (JCDPPotD); West Nile being discussed on Air Force One, promo for lame CollegeHumor event Malarious on World Mosquito Day, Gates-funded Malaria No More NGO
2:19:30Marine veteran Brandon J. Raub arrested over crackpot Facebook posts under Virginia emergency custody law; Secret Service raids veteran’s home over reference to “things that go boom”; ACC calls for arrest of “insane veteran” John McCain
2:25:47France 24 lies “it wasn’t clear what exactly caused the unrest” in Northern France over Hollande’s douchebaggery; JCD on US government’s riot-prevention methods; affidavits in DHS sexual harassment lawsuit describe “you a sexy muthafucka” comment and “I want to eat the corn out of your shit” text message from ICE Chief of Staff Suzanne Barr; CNN fearmongers about IEDs at Republican and Democrat National Conventions
2:33:38Erin Burnett amused at fuss over disputed Senkaku Islands “a few rocks” sitting on oil reserves
2:40:16Rio preparing for 2016 Olympics with 34,000 hotel beds for an expected million tourists, ACC: “FEMA trailers”; former Uzbekistan ambassador Craig Murray on Assange for end of show