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436 Mud on the Truck (2012-08-19)

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0:00:00JCD: “Yeah, I could be a butcher in Windsor.” (2:15:10)
0:00:33Hot Pockets 2009 Tour: “interesting developments” en route to Albuquerque NM, Ouray CO “the Switzerland of America” inspiration for Galt’s Gulch, “Ayn Rand nuts” Paul Ryan and JCD’s college roommate, detour from Cuba NM through Fenton Lake State Park on unpaved roads at 10 mph, “there is mud inside the Bin”, “hookers and blow” slogan washed off by concerned landlady, rainstick magic, CBP Spanish command guide: “show me the trail!”
0:29:53Producer Segment: ACC handing out “latchkey kid” No Agenda lanyards
0:38:28Plans for final leg of Hot Pockets 2009 Tour avoiding CBP checkpoints; US-Canada Border Enforcement Security Taskforce catches Niagara Regional Police Service officer smuggling testosterone and other steroids across the border, ACC: “they’re all juiced up!”; JCD plans ACC’s route through Roswell and Waco; acting ATF Director B. Todd Jones releases “Changecast” video threatening would-be whistleblowers in the wake of Fast and Furious: “when I’m talking about choices and consequences, I’m talking about a disciplinary process”
0:47:09CNN offers various preposterous scenarios among which Assange escapes the Ecuadorian Embassy by helicopter or “a crate or a large bag”; douchebag Foreign Secretary William Hague threatens to revoke Embassy’s diplomatic status; Occupy Oakland takes over Obama campaign offices in Bradley Manning protest, RT idiot: “what exactly were these people protesting?”
0:56:21CBC on three Pussy Riot members sentenced to two years, CIA troublemaker Garry Kasparov arrested, Alexey Navalny and Oksana Chelysheva linked to State Department NGO National Endowment for Democracy, ACC: “this whole thing is orchestrated by Clinton, it’s a lesbian front!”; messages of support from Madonna, Sting, and Paul McCartney; JCD amused at Putin’s concern over blasphemy; gay pride parades banned for 100 years in Moscow
1:09:01MSNBC douchebag Touré accuses Romney of “racial coding” to characterize Obama as “angry black man”: “this is niggerization”, JCD: “oh my God, Obama’s black, we’ve been duped!”, “I didn’t call anybody racist” lie after challenge from S.E. Cupp, GOP an “all-white party”, “that’s not what Touré is saying!” from co-host Krystal Ball, JCD on Nixon Southern strategy; hip hop pioneers Eric B and Rakim, Ted Nugent blacklisted by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
1:25:09Obama hagiographer Gwen Ifill distracted by yelling producer after lying about Ryan paying less taxes than Romney, JCD: “he’s already paid taxes on that 100 million dollars!”
1:35:16Donation Segment
1:54:10BBC on drought contributing to West Nile virus, Texans being advised to “search around the house for any pools of standing water”, encephalitis danger, ACC: “I’m thinking zombie virus”; “shut up slave” for injunction against aerial spraying campaign in Dallas, ACC traces N72J tail number to CDC contractor in Bridgewater VA; record-breaking wave of military suicides, $3M spent on depression-reducing TRH thyrotropin-releasing hormone nasal spray
2:13:24Queen of England advertising for royal driver at £23,000 per year; CBS national security shill John Miller on al-Qaeda “media committee” advertising for “lovers of martyrdom”
2:22:53British air traffic controller admits seeing about one UFO per month to BBC 4
2:24:04RT’s Gayane Chichakyan explains Balochistan situation as No Agenda “pipeline wars”; CIA exploiting surveillance cameras “but tech experts fear the system’s being abused” (CotD)
2:33:01“I will die to establish Islam” prayer at meeting of Muslim Students’ Association with board member Huma Abedin (CotD); Assange’s mother blasting UK government and Conservative’s Guide to Understanding Muslims rap for end of show