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434 Tripwire (2012-08-12)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hey kid, your pig looks delicious.” (2:26:02)
0:00:34Hot Pockets 2009 Tour: in Boise /ˈbo͜ɪ.si/ Idaho at Caldwell Airport home of restored P-47 “Dottie Mae”, black smoke in the hills, poorly-named Twin Falls, no smoking on Boise streets
0:16:54Fareed Zakaria apologizes for “serious lapse” in plagiarism scandal as example of copying the same talking points memo as New Yorker article, JCD: “what is he doing with his time?”
0:21:28NBC’s The New Normal sitcom propagates “all men are gay and all women are whores”
0:24:49ACC samples tripe at meetup in Boise’s Basque neighborhood, JCD story: the quest for edible tripe leading to andouillette in Paris which “tasted like a hot dog”, ACC’s new four-foot knighting sword, Idaho potatoes MIA, JCD all-in on being a fair-weather fan
0:33:11Producer Segment: JCD falls on the grenade to protect Newsletter proofreader
0:40:27JCD predicts GOP taking power in 2016 in time for 2020 economic reset and war in Europe, Romney’s pick of running mate Paul Ryan proof that GOP is trying to throw election; idiot Ryan flubs “makes sure that Washi… that Wall Street shares in the cost of this recovery plan”, lies about bankers not profiting from their greed; Candy Crowley identifies “ticket death wish”; Romney announces “the next President of the United States” in imitation of Obama (CotD)
0:51:47International Olympic Committee head Jacques Rogge celebrates “fabulous” London games
0:53:03ICE agent James Hayes sues Lucy Napolitano for passing him over for promotion in favor of “long-standing relationship” with Dora Schriro, chief of staff Suzanne Barr moving male employees’ offices into a men’s bathroom; Canadian producer proposes “bleeped version”
1:04:05Federal probe into Jerry Sandusky Pedobear ring; new English-language Joris Demmink page
1:07:19France “Van Cat” reporting Free Syrian Army retreat in Aleppo; UK providing $7M in supplies to prevent “butchery”, JCD: “they’re using machetes”, Hezbollah accused of aiding regime, Lucifer Clinton promises “working group” with Turkey, chemical weapons “red line”; British Secretary of State William Hague envisions “the day after Assad”, JCD predicts drone strike on Assad; UN designates FSA an al-Qaeda affiliate; Lucifer wrings hands over Kurdish PKK
1:21:11NPR on Oak Creek Sikh temple shooting by “Army veteran” and white power adherent Wade Michael Page, bizarre “apparently their surveillance camera wasn’t on?”, JCD assassination theory; producer note on James Holmes’ “Joker” moniker vs red hair and job at McDonald’s; YouTube video of “James Holm” presenting his interest in “how we perceive reality” and “grapheme perception” with mentor John Jacobson; New Haven man charged with “breach of peace” for legally carrying concealed pistol to Batman showing
1:30:20Journalist appalled at grisly Bay Area murder: “where do you get a machete??”
1:32:50Donation Segment: dysfunctional MERS Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems
1:55:56François Hollande breaks promise not to evict Gypsies Roma, JCD: “they’re a bunch of pickpockets!”; 27 children rescued from cave-dwelling Islamic sect in Tatarstan, ACC: “maybe they are the fathers of the tartar sauce!”; Tenerife wildfires; farm laborers staging Robin Hood style raids on Spanish supermarkets; plot to use explosive radio-controlled airplanes in Spain
2:09:04New York City’s Operation Tripwire developed with Kinect maker Microsoft, JCD’s face recognition hack: “painting an eyeball under your eyeball”, ACC: “a burqa”
2:17:05Forgotten 2010 report on defection of Iranian nuclear scientist; Benjamin Netanyahu agitating for attack on Iran prior to election; Obama campaign taking flak for nasty Romney ad
2:23:43JCD story: buying a pig from tearful child at Alameda County Fair, Washington “Zen killer”
2:32:00Win Lose or Drone: “new normal” meme in highlights of Las Vegas drone trade show (CotD)