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433 Hanseatic League (2012-08-09)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s a wet state! It’s soaking!” (1:08:18)
0:02:24Hot Pockets 2009 Tour: JCD irked by the term “webinar”; Sin Bin in Layton Utah with F-16s flying around, bathing suits optional in Idaho Springs, trailer backing challenges, Upper Joe’s Valley Utah, JCD story: an actual steaming truck of crap at Washington dairy farm
0:20:00MIAC Missouri Information Analysis Center 2009 report The Modern Militia Movement; Wolf Blitzer links Oak Creek Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting to Iraq veterans, three-name shooter Wade Michael Page; CNN: white supremacists “have infiltrated most parts of the military”; story of Page being wounded by police officer changed to suicide, ex-girlfriend Misty Cook arrested on firearms charge; local report cites 9/11 tattoo; no trace of Page on white nationalist blogs; eyewitness recalls “four white males … dressed in all-black clothing”; Fox News idiot asks about “anti-Semitic acts” against Sikh temple; Obama gripes about “senseless violence”
0:37:15Wade Michael Page’s stammering “friend” recalls to Piers Morgan his fear that “something like this mighta happened somewhere”; Der Tagesspiegel article on not being on Facebook as a red flag; crackpot YouTuber on Page’s PSYOPS background and role as FBI stooge
0:44:28S.679 Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011 fiddling with Article 2 of the Constitution and elaborating continuity of government plans
0:49:44Producer Segment: JCD’s 1988 Lynch-Bages at douchebag Bay Wolf
0:58:49NPR turns snow in South Africa into human interest story; Hillary Clinton dancing “like a coverall-wearing dyke” in Cape Town; ACC’s Clydesdales kill JCD’s audio, Mandela photo op
1:02:46Washington state requiring Agenda 21 $1,000 meter on Aric the Shill’s well capped at 500 gallons per day, states cracking down on rainwater collection, ACC: “hey, stop gettin’ wet!”; NOAA declares July 2012 the hottest month on record; insurance premiums being jacked up
1:10:20Mars Curiosity Rover sending grainy low-resolution images “like a crime scene photo”
1:14:48The War on Chicken: “chicken offsets” for LGBT organizations after Chick-fil-A stunt
1:16:11Trailer for pro-Obama “when was the last time you saw bin Laden?” propaganda film Zero Dark Thirty; the late Gore Vidal predicts “despotism, a police state, a militarized economy”; MSNBC dingbat giggles about inclusion of Greek yogurt in Mitt Romney’s shopping list
1:25:50Anti-whistleblower provisions buried in Intelligence Authorization Act including polygraph tests; Hill Air Force Base ATC using Windows CE; 51 dead in drone attack in Yemen, giant Army spy blimp over New Jersey; slick DHS “make the call!” IED propaganda video
1:44:18Donation Segment: JCD reads angry e-mail from Obamabot listener
2:06:15Study finds HPV in 11.6% of girls who never had sexual intercourse, Finland ditches Gardasil
2:09:25The No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: CDC preparing vaccine for H3N2 outbreak
2:10:24Standard Chartered Bank caught in bed with Iran; Bernanke: Fed’s job to combat “the runs”
2:15:52Over-the-top ABC News house ad; the oversized heads of Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones
2:19:49Demand a Plan promo video; two killed in fire across the street from James Holmes’ apartment
2:23:34Spanish city cracks down on dumpster diving
2:26:01Appeals court tosses warrantless wiretap lawsuit; NYPD respond to threats on “Twitters”
2:29:29“Modern Hanseatic League” on Baltic Sea potentially leading to another World War I
2:33:44Follow the Pipes: Greece planning to sell gas assets after visit from Shimon Peres
2:34:51“Heroin addict hooker makeup” at London Olympics, lame “it’s about America!” interview, incomprehensible commentary from Jamaican sprinter Yohan “the Beast” Blake
2:38:43Madonna speaks out in defense of Pussy Riot; douchebag Bill O’Reilly for end of show