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431 Excited Delerium (2012-08-02)

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0:00:29Hot Pockets 2009 Tour: tailpipe & muffler KIA en route to aviation capital Wichita, dune buggy golf carts, John Brown mural by “anti-government crackpot” great uncle John Steuart Curry in Topeka, EMT producer Chad Christian dealing with bath salts “excited delirium”
0:22:26Eight female Asian Olympic badminton players disqualified for trying to lose
0:26:23Producer Segment: ACC’s handmade oven mitts
0:30:42Power blackouts in India and J.J. Abrams post-apocalyptic Revolution series, TAPI Pipeline activity and Cybersecurity Act hearings, Sen. Mark Udall: “Congress cannot afford to wait for a 9/11-sized attack”, Sen. Chuck Grassley gripes about accelerated schedule leading to no one knowing what the 212-page bill says, Sen. Harry Reid whines about attacks “that could black out the United States for weeks or months”, blames India blackout on global warming; Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 allowing subpoena of e-mail over 180 days old, ACC: “try fertilizer”, JCD’s AOL disc collection, “I’m not a hoarder, I’m an archivist!”
0:47:42Sen. Jim Inhofe: global warming “the greatest hoax that’s ever been perpetrated on the American people”; “converted skeptic” Richard Muller assures Rachel Maddow the planet can be saved by replacing coal with “the one thing that can replace it … natural gas”; PBS stunned to find that the poor live in poor neighborhoods; Natural Resources Defense Council determines current drought in the US is “the new normal” just like Hurricane Katrina
0:55:09Militarized Anaheim police attack protestors after two fatal shootings, small town SWAT tanks on parade; Tennessee Rep. Kelly Keisling circulating crackpot e-mail about Obama’s martial law plan; Homeland Security Grant program for military surplus hardware
1:01:18Dennis Kucinich gripes about “manufactured default” of US Postal Service, JCD on mail fraud via FedEx; Sheryl Sandberg congratulates “Martha” on her Yahoo CEO appointment
1:08:09Brian Williams reports US news from London, viewers warned to “look away” from medal counts to avoid spoilers; Olympic sound designer to NPR on phonying up rowing sound effects
1:14:21Anderson Pooper to Dutch journalist captured by “jihadists” in Syria: “were they al-Qaeda?”; CNN “breaking news!” that Obama has been covertly supporting Syrian rebels, “not military assistance in the traditional sense”, ACC: “the CIA is providing sandwiches”; “too shocking to show” prisoner executions, rebel casualties “martyred”, pro-Assad “Berry Clan” under fire
1:24:04Clippity Clop: scripted Islamophobia question a transparent reference to Huma Abedin
1:27:55James Holmes fitted with Hannibal Lecter mask in time for new TV series; underground tunnel to courtroom, JCD: “he’s dead already”; man yelling “this is it!” causes panic at Miami theater
1:33:01Dianne Feinstein addresses White House leaks in Q&A session; New America Foundation stooge Peter Bergen claims scandal is “wildly overblown”; Feinstein: Obama in a “bubble”
1:41:51LZ Granderson enthuses about Obama’s “kill list” and sanctions as alternative to war
1:44:01Donation Segment: producer Chad Christian’s legendary toilet paper note
1:57:36Crop circles in Wilbur Washington, ACC Red Book: September 21 the new end of the world; live coverage of the Mars landing a distraction from the existing bases
2:06:15Victoria Nuland trades barbs with journalist over UN Arms Trade Treaty failure
2:15:26Good Morning America on cake rental as alternative to $27,000 wedding
2:19:26And Now Back to Real News: AIDS victim Bill Clinton begging Hillary not to divorce him
2:21:17Michael Bloomberg’s war on baby formula; Clemson University as source of k2/spice; Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske lies about legalization driving demand; Erin Burnett: “Pussy Riot”
2:27:30NBC idiot blathers about shopping opportunities at “fabulous” Boots pharmacy in London