Call Clooney!

430 Burka Bellyflop (2012-07-29)

Show 430 album art
0:00:30Hot Pockets 2009 Tour “Sin Bin” in Arlington Texas, graffiti added at Austin meetup, engine temperature vs air conditioning, Big-Ass Blonde and Sir Gene, meetup heads on sticks
0:14:10Producer Segment: JCD’s MIA audio; No Agenda school pronoun quiz
0:23:33Aurora shooter James Holmes rebranded “The Joker”; JCD irked by interview with “sad, sad little girl” who “can’t really look at popcorn”; Erin Burnett on Maryland copycat Joker Neil Edwin Prescott arrested for threatening to “load my guns and blow everybody up”, “cache of 25 guns, mostly semiautomatic rifles, and thousands of rounds of ammunition”, Police Chief Mark Magaw lies “several automatic rifles”, “very few people have that much automatic weapons ammunition”; NYPD Chief Ray Kelly to Candy Crowley on uniformed officers posted at theaters, JCD: “overtime!”; Burnett all-in on throwing the book at Prescott, “Guns Don’t Kill People, I Do” shirt; shooter’s father Robert Holmes scheduled to testify in LIBOR scandal
0:40:39Dystopian Illuminati Olympics opening ceremony with “dancing bankers” and the Queen thrown out of an airplane; idiot Meredith Vieira comments “if you haven’t heard of him, we haven’t either” of world wide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee (CotD); Tom Brokaw predicts billions spent on event will somehow kick-start the economy; German scientists already predicting outcome of rigged games; seats reserved for Olympic officials suspiciously empty
0:55:32Rwanda unfazed at aid money being cut off over its support for revolution in Eastern Congo; PRI The World on Chinese industry taking over Rwanda; ACC’s “how are the Chinese” script for African cab drivers; Ghana’s Vice-President John Dramani Mahama sworn in after
“sudden death” of President John Atta Mills after trip to US for “medical test” possibly involving ricin; US training anti-drug police in Ghana to combat South American cartels smuggling cocaine into Europe; JCD’s douchebag friend Greg bumps into Sir Dean in Accra
1:08:36Predicted “bloodbath” in Aleppo underway with WMD and “days are numbered” memes;
1:11:39Possible B-roll photos of Los Angeles train loaded with tanks; DoJ takes over Seattle Police Department; Ray Kelly enthuses about “lifesaving tool” stop and frisk policy, ACC: “it’s the jaws of life!”, “it goes way back to common law” lie; San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee all-in
1:22:11L’Express dubs François Hollande “hypnotist” and predicts riots; umm al-maʿārik “mother of all battles” in Syria; Dennis Kucinich to RT on “far-flung military empire” mistake; Erin Burnett: “the bunker buster is ready!” but may need an “upgrade” to work in Iran, ACC Red Book: USS Enterprise sunk by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz Rubicon-style
1:34:40Donation Segment
1:56:28Incoherent moron Rep. Barney Frank needles Republicans over amendment correcting “94% unemployment” to “94% employment”; gun control amendment added to Cybersecurity Act, JCD resurrects “when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns”; Dianne Feinstein: “we will all hang separately” if ISPs refuse to share information with the federal government
2:06:23Military trial in the suicide death of hazing victim Danny Chen; PBS NewsHour “major stories” including a single unidentified NATO death in Kandahar
2:09:26Jay Carney refuses to answer question about capital of Israel: “our position hasn’t changed”
2:12:49Russia planning military base in Cuba as US prepares to plant Air Force in Poland
2:21:35French Tunisians noting “more swimmers bathing fully clothed, veils included” due to Salafists running government, ACC: “they’re gonna be doing bellyflops in burkas”
2:25:50International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics on reliability of vinegar HPV test
2:30:14End-of-show clip on protests in China; Syrian refugees “bothering us” in Turkey